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He's a bit of a bastard, but I was a massive bitch.
I hooked you in my spider-silk web of attraction, I reeled you in like a dumb flopping fish, I caught you and held you and fed you lies which you desired like an attention starved puppy. I never wanted your I love you’s nut they were what I bloody well got, so I crushed them into dust when I told you there was someone else.

He isn’t better than you and I’m not replacing you. You’re better than him and you were his replacement. I couldn’t have him so I had you, it was wrong but that doesn’t make me care, nothing could honestly make me care because now I have what I want.

You believe I cheated on you and led you on but I never cheated on you I’m not a cheat whatever else I am. Yes, I lied and led and I won’t make excuses for myself. It was wrong. I was wrong. But I never cheated on you and I never would and the reason you don’t realize that is part of the reason that I crushed your I love you’s into dust and part of the reason you hate me.

Yeah I know you hate me. I know you even if I never loved or really even liked you and I know you hate me. But spreading your hate over the internet like some octopus pushing its tentacles into every available nook and cranny just makes you look like an idiot.

So fuck you, bastard.
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