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This is a Character's bio for a character that I have on a role-playing website.
Seth Wright

Full Name: Seth Wright

Age: 50

Blood: Pure

Job: At the moment he's a handyman at St. Francis Orphanage. He had been an Auror at both the European Ministry in Britain and the United States Ministry of Magic. He has since retired.

Wand: 16" Oak with Chimera Scale core

Physical Description: He has dark hazel eyes and short Black hair which has started to turn gray. He sometimes has been seen with soulpatch beard that has turned gray. Seth stands an even 6' and has a sturdy build. He has a slight limp in his left leg.

Personality: Seth's been known by his many friends to be a fun-loving guy. Always the first to crack a joke, though Seth also has a serious side about him. He has been known to take his work very seriously. Whether it was getting dark wizards when he worked as an Auror or his work as a handyman for his sister at St. Francis Orphanage. It has been those times when he has become all business. Many of the kids at the Orphanage have thought of him as a big softy. That is because when his sister was not watching he tended to spoil them. He has had a major soft spot for one girl especially. The daughter of his dead friend William Andreas. Like his sister, he has been way too protective of Tia. Seth hated that he has had to lie to her about her past but agreed with his sister Samantha, that it was for the best. Believing that if she don't know about Valentine, then he won't believe Tia to be a threat to him. His greatest hope has been that David Valentine has decided to leave Tia alone. His worst fear has been that he would receive a letter that stated, that Valentine has somehow gotten a hold of Tia. He has been very honor bound and has keep his friend Andreas' secrets, not even telling his other friends.

Likes: Working, Jokes, The kids at St. Francis, his friends, chocolate frogs, reading old books, Both types of chess.

Dislikes: Lying, David Valentine, Dark wizards, every flavor beans, Devil's Snare

Family/ Background:
Seth was born to Seamus and Alice Wright. He was an only child up until he was 4. Seth Wright has had a younger sister named Samantha Wright, who owns and runs the St. Francis Orphanage. He also had a lot of distant cousins that he doesn't see much of. His parents died while Seth was in America, leaving a small fortune and several pieces of land in England, Scotland and an island called 'The Ilse of Wright' to Seth and Samantha. Samantha took the land in England, for St. Francis Orphanage. Seth loved Scotland and took those. They decided to rent out 'The Ilse of Wright' and save the money in Grinnotts' bank.

Seth went to Durmstrang when he was 11. He was sad that Samantha was never to attend as she was a squib. He loved his sister very much. He excelled at all his studies though his studious studying. Only just one class he had some trouble in. That class was Herbology, due to an encounter with a Devil's Snare plant during his first year.

When he graduated from there, he went on to become a highly trained Auror. He graduated top of his class of Aurors of the European Ministry of Magic in Great Britain. After a few years of working for the Ministry of Magic, Seth asked the head of the Auror department for a transfer. When asked where he would like to be transferred to, Seth told them that his wife, Sabrina, had come from America. Since he had worked there at the European MoM for a few years, he felt as if he had earned the right to ask for a transfer. After both the British Head of the Auror department and the American Head of Ministry of Magic approved the transfer, Seth and his wife moved to America. She and the infant died soon after, due to complications during her pregnancy. He worked for the United States Ministry of Magic for a number of years.

While stationed in Minnesota, Seth met William Andreas, a young and up coming American Auror. They became fast friends. Seth saw in Will the son he never had and taught the young man everything he could. When Will's wife, Tamika had a son, Marcus, they named Seth the godfather. It was during this time that the Ministry started rounding up a small band of dark wizards. Seth, who had been thinking of retirement to Scotland, worried about his young friend. Seth decided to wait a few weeks. He wanted to make sure that the take down of the Valentines went smoothly. It didn't.

When Will got back he told Seth what had happened at the Valentines' home. It was then that Seth became Will's Secret Keeper. They decided to retire from the Ministry, since one of the Valentines had disappeared. He was a young teenager by the name of David Valentine.

A couple of years after the take down, Aurors and their whole families started being found dead. Seth realized who must have been responsible for the deaths. Seth realized that David Valentine was back and had started killing Aurors and their families, who had been on the team that took down his family. Seth thought it was best for the Andreas' family to go into hiding. Will decided to hide on his father's estates in Scotland.

While they were in Scotland, William and his wife Tamika had their second child, Tia. When Tia was only a couple of months old, Valentine struck. Valentine had found them through Tamika's family in England, who had gotten news of the baby's birth. Luckily Seth had been taking little Marcus Christmas shopping. Tamika had decided the day before to visit her family on their estates outside of London, England with little Tia. Little did Tamika know that her family was already dead and the estates had been burned to the ground.

William Andreas was the only one at home and had gotten bored. Will decided he wanted to surprise his wife who loved gardening with a small garden on the side of the house. He went out to start one fearing if he waited until Seth got back, Seth would squash the idea. Seth had told Will that any land aquired after the spell was casted would not be affected by the spell. Will was not worried as it had been years since he had heard news of Valentine. He felt that David Valentine was probably either dead or had given up on finding him. Valentine waited until William had removed his vest- jacket and had started working on the rows for the garden. Valentine cursed William and while William laid petrified in a full body-bind David told him that he would live only long enough to witness the deaths of his whole family. Having seen Will put the picture in the jacket's pocket, he pick-up the jacket and took out the picture of Tamika and the new baby and left laughing.

Seth came home to find Will cursed and the picture missing. He took Will to the Magic Hospital. After Will came home and Seth had done a memory charm on Marcus, Seth went to find and protect Tamika and baby Tia. He hoped he would get to them before Valentine.

Seth had recieved a call from a son of a friend when Tia was two. When Seth got there it was too late to save Tia's mother or his friend James. Seth took Tia to stay with his sister at the Orphanage and James' son Troy was sent to live with James' brother.

Seth got the owl that William was died when Marcus was about 15. He sent for Marcus who had been attending his 5th year at Durmstrang. Marcus spent his summers and Christmases with the Wrights. Seth loved how the children seemed to be always together. Tocanema as Tia had been called since she was two, seemed to worship her friend Marcus. Marcus had became very protective of his young sister. Marcus was told that for Tia protection he had to keep the past from her. Seth realized that if Valentine had known that Tia didn't die from the curse, she received at the time of her mother's death. He would not stop until he had found her.

Seth never knew how Valentine had found Marcus, but one week before Tia got her letter. Marcus was found died in the woods behind the Orphanage. The only things that were missing was a picture of Marcus and Tia having lunch at a diner and the Swiss Knife that Seth gave Marcus the Christmas the year before. Seth realized that only one man would have had been interested in that picture. Valentine was back and now he knows that he had missed Tia Andreas . Seth has been on constant watch for Valentine, wondering when or how he would strike again.
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