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a short poem about desperate living

Where are you going?
You’re leaving again
Imagined response
No answer, a sin
How did we get here?
I can’t begin.

I’ve hidden the car keys
Canceled the cabs
I peeled all the wounds back
I hid all the scabs
Scrapped all the credit cards
Doctored the labs

Where were you while I suffered?
You went to the mall
You said that you cared.
But you didn’t call.
I gave it my best try.
Damn, I gave it my all.

You say I need therapy
I’ll send you the why.
You wish me no malice?
I wish you no lie.
I just tried to love you.
You just didn’t try.

Anything to keep you
I gave you the rope.
I kept me a prisoner.
I lied to the Pope.
Desperately, I did this.
I kept hope.
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