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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #1696164
Two couples on the holiday of a lifetime. But love can change things...drastically.
I woke up, annoyed and frustrated by the continuous ringing of my phone. I stumbled out of bed and grabbed my blackberry from my desk. I glanced at the caller ID; Catherine. My mood lightened up at the very mention of her name.

‘Hello?’ I said, tiredly. ‘Christian? Hey! Did I wake you up?’ asked Cathy in an innocent voice. Yes! You woke me up from my bliss full sleep…but I’ll forgive you ‘No, I wasn’t sleeping! How lazy do you think I am?’ I replied, laughing as I scratched my head. ‘Good! I have news for you!’ she said, perkily. This was the thing about Cathy, she is always happy. Sometimes I wonder if it’s humanly possible to be this happy! But I love her for it.

‘Really? Tell me!’ I said, trying to return the happiness, but failing. ‘My dad got us free tickets to…Barbados!’ she shrieked. I jumped out of my skin at that moment. BARBADOS? ‘Are you serious? That’s amazing!’ I cried out, in genuine joy. ‘I know! He got us four tickets, so Sarah and Aaron can come with us! Doesn’t it sound like the perfect holiday?’ she asked in excitement. ‘It sure does! Have you told them yet?’ I asked, thrilled. ‘Yeah! They are pretty excited. Sarah says we should have a meeting about it, preparation and stuff like that…you know how she is!’ said Cathy. She was right. Sarah was my best friend, but she was known for being organized; and a pain in the butt at that. But even as Cathy said that, I felt a sharp stab of anger. Was she trash talking my best friend? I shook the thought off and replied ‘Mmmm… when do you want to meet up?’ ‘Chris, you’re not serious are you? You’re not actually thinking of having a meeting about this, are you?’ whined Cathy. ‘Yeah! She’s right you know!’ I said, defending Sarah. ‘Fine…how does Saturday sound to you?’ asked Cathy, defeated. ‘Sounds good to me’ I said, suddenly feeling guilty about hurting my girlfriend. ‘Honey...I’m sorry if I hurt you, its just that, Sarah’s right…you know I love you’ I said, trying to make up for it. ‘It’s okay’ said Cathy laughing and retuning to her happy self before putting the phone down.

Cathy and I have been going out for seven months and I have no plans on ending it now. It’s funny how I met Cathy. Sarah, my best friend since we started medical school together, had known Cathy for years, and on Sarah’s birthday I finally got the chance to meet her. She was drunk and crazy but I immediately fell for her. She was wearing a red dress with a huge black bow in her long, blonde hair. It was the happiest six hours of my life; talking to her and laughing every time she stumbled and fell into my arms. We eventually started going out, and soon, Cathy introduced Sarah to her physiotherapist, Aaron. Sparks flew the minute they looked at each other. I was happy for Sarah, I still am. Since then, the four of us have been inseparable. Cathy; the happy-go-lucky bag of sunshine. Aaron; the athletic but loquacious health freak. Sarah; the smart, organized but incredibly funny doctor and me; the fun-loving, loud mouth physiatrist. I know, Ironic right? Loud mouth physiatrist? It’s true though!

As I drifted off into my own little world, daydreaming about Barbados, my phone started ringing. But this time I knew who it was before even reading the caller ID; Sarah. I quickly answered the phone ‘Hey Sarah!’ I said, fumbling with the lock on my door ‘Hey C-Man!’ replied Sarah, happily. I laughed. Sarah started calling me C-Man ever since a couple of years ago, when we started watching super-hero movie marathons. Cheesy and dorky, but I have to admit; I thoroughly enjoyed it. ‘Did you hear? BARBADOS! Can you believe it?’ she asked, practically shrieking on the other end of the phone. ‘Yeah! I heard! I am so excited!’ I replied. Somehow, with Sarah, I was always happy; I didn’t have to make an effort. But around Cathy, I felt like I was on top of the world. ‘Woohoo! Can’t wait! So I’ll see you on Saturday at my house?’ she asked, seriously. ‘Yes, I’ll be there’ I replied. There was silence on the other end of the phone. ‘Sarah, are you okay?’ I asked, slightly concerned about the awkward silence. ‘Christian…you don’t think I’m stupid, do you?’ asked Sarah in an upset voice.

I should have known; Sarah never reveals her true feelings to anyone. She’s a “people pleaser”. It’s something she taught herself to do; hide her true emotions behind laughter and excitement. But whenever she’s around me, she breaks down her barrier and tells me everything. ‘No! Of course you’re not stupid Sarah! Who said that to you?’ I asked, outraged. ‘Never mind, its okay’ said Sarah, sniffling. ‘Sarah, I want to know!’ I said, feeling the need to protect her. ‘Okay, but it’s nothing to get worked up about…’ said Sarah, in a hushed voice. ‘It was Cathy.’

My sweet Cathy? She would never say anything like that! ‘When?’ I asked, dumbfounded. ‘This morning, when I told her that we should probably have a meeting about Barbados, to get everything planned, she…’ Sarah started sobbing ‘Christian, please don’t listen to me okay? She must have been joking or something, its nothing, please! Forget I even brought it up’ said Sarah, urgently. I clenched my fists. Sarah never gets upset over silly jokes. When she was upset, it was either over a dying animal or an incredibly rude comment.

Cathy had been two faced; she’d pretended to like the idea of meeting up, just to please me. ‘Don’t worry Sarah; I’ll have a word with Cathy.’ I said. I was surprised to find my tone almost fatherly and protective; I was treating Sarah like a baby. I love Cathy, but “girlfriend” or not… no one hurts my baby.

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