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I will be writing as Milandra, the white tiger. This is part of BlaineCindy's Campfire.
I am Milandra. I am a white tiger at the zoo. Life is good here. I get fed well. I have a pond to swim in and pretty green trees so I can lay down and take a nap.

A little blonde girl asked if I was a Princess. I growled my reply but it wasn't loud. She giggled.

One little boy with red hair pointed at me and said: "Mommy, did that tiger get into the bleach?"

The mother smiled and said: "No, she was born that way. She is pretty, though."

One day I was taking a nap and a little girl with black hair said: "Here kitty, kitty." LIKE I WAS GOING TO COME RUNNING!

One man said he didn't like tigers. I had some leaves in my mouth along with some dirt so I flung them at the man. People laughed and applauded.

One woman all dressed up in a fancy blue sun dress said I understood what the man said. She also mentioned that I was smiling which I was.

Raleigh is a beautiful white male tiger who lives in the cage next to me. He hasn't been here very long. He talks to me. I wish I could be in the same cage with him. We could take our naps together and spend more time together. I heard the zoo care givers say that they would let me be with him in a few days. We are the the only two white tigers in the zoo. I was born in another zoo and transferred here. I was still a baby. I am two years old now.

Clara is a young woman with blonde hair that feeds me. She is so sweet. I keep my distance but I nod my head to thank her for the food. Ben is the Vet who checks me over and is nice to me. I let him pat my belly and I roll over and purr. Maybe someday I will have that bond with Clara.

It is a hot day and I am in the pond. It is so cool.

One man said: Hey! Are there any fish in there?"

Like I would eat fish. There is one in every crowd.

Feeding time. Clara gives me a big steak from a huge fork that is several feet long. She smiles. "Hi, Milandra. You are so pretty." She smiles. I slowly crawl towards her and roll on my side like a house cat. Clara slowly reaches out her hand and I lick it. Clara giggles and she pats my head. Enough human contact. I go eat my steak that she left.

Today, they put me in Raleigh's cage. We smell noses and I play with a big beach ball and Raleigh rolls it back to me. A crowd of peolpe. Show Time! Raleigh and I are putting on a show. We roll the ball to each other and pounce on it. We look like over sized house cats but we have a lot of fun. We do this for an hour. He licks my face and we take a nap side by side. People take pictures and say how cute we are. Yes, we are. I think we are the most beautiful animals in the zoo.

Later on, Milandra and Raleigh will have two baby white tiger cubs. I was impressed with white tigers when I was seven years. I saw my first white tiger at the Washington, DC Zoo. I fell in love with Princess, a full grown white tiger from India. She was beautiful. I dedicate this story to her. She left an impression. Thanks for reading.
Neat white tiger photo sig I won from Cissy's contest.

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