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This is the forward to my novel which is presented as a fictional biography.
By Doctor Narorus Brokenhill, Master of History, Kiemandra College of Arts and Academics:

Greetings prospective historians! In this third revised copy of the widely popular, but still controversial release of ‘Final Confessions of a Goblin Emperor’, we’re transported back in time by the moving, maddening set of memoirs, authored by a man who still fills us with wonder even today. This trilogy of books is perfect insight into the deranged mind of the Goblin Emperor Enath Brashfall the Magnificent (or the Abominable depending on your political stripe).
Enath Jorus Brashfall the First was born Day 97 of the month of Shenkalmeth year 7997, L.S.E. He was brought up in a low income farming household in the Human’s Northern Republic, which at the time was a colony to the Karkinian Empire, at the time, just known as the Human Empire. As a young man he demonstrated tremendous talent at the Mystic Arts, at the time vulgarly referred to as ‘magic’. He received a generous scholarship to our beloved Kiemandra College where he flourished as a ‘sorcerer’ and soon won recognition from King Thespasian, then the College’s Grandmaster, and even Emperor Karkinias the Thirty Fourth. He is also noted for brilliant civilian service during the Global Conflict, in particular an episode with several assassins who infiltrated our College, which had been requisitioned as an army headquarters. He was renowned as the first full grade warlock in a thousand years, and has been one of the few since.
He was involved in the Adameth Affair years later, by his accounts he was at the Imperial Palace when it all unfolded, though there are none left alive to corroborate, and the only other two memoirs, ‘Empress for a Year’ and ‘The Measure of Virtue’ by Draeda Kathra Izzik Al-Shameer Quar and Sonata Feiy Irimidia Seleneme Harrows respectively, both offer further conflicting viewpoints of the uprising, whatever may have happened exactly can never be known. It is apparent however, that the new government under Prince Tharxstra didn’t tolerate the talented wizard/warlock and an advisor to the Emperor. From there only speculation and this biography can be used. Somehow though, he ended up in control of a large renegade army, composed primarily of Goblins and Minotaurs that consolidated the Eastern Wastelands into a contiguous country under his rule. This new country would further solidify over the next twenty five years of non-stop strife, known as the Lych Wars, until it finally became the modern Goblin Empire.
Enath Brashfall died at age one hundred and ten of heart failure, he was apparently lucid and intelligent until the day he died. His achievements were long lasting, including the standardization of Goblin currency, the creation of the standing Goblin Army (arguably the world’s finest armed force), the first Goblin Library, Museum, Observatory, Aquarium and Art Gallery. He was a war leader as well, leading his army into many victories, including the famous sacking of Karkinthrax. His siblings Erita and Evith Brashfall were also of some renown, Erita as being one of the first women to ever chemically produce the vampire serum and serving as a shadowy enforcer to the runaway ‘Northern Republic’, Evith as the famous ‘Serpent King’ the man who founded the Southern Republic.
Enath was extensively referred to as the ‘Goblin Emperor’ and was widely hated outside of the Goblin borders during his lifetime. It was a well known fact that he was a worshipper of the Queen of the Night and a homosexual. He was known to have been sexually intimate with his top general, Kargin Desmales, his recording secretary later in his life, Iolor Redfang, and according to this memoir, Emperor Karkin the 34th. Many modern psychologists diagnose him with mild Schizophrenia and Antisocial Borderline Traits. However, for all his shortcomings, he still managed to live a full and successful life. He had six children, a single boy who inherited the throne and whose line continues to rule the Goblin Empire. His daughters all lived colorful, exciting lives, though his second to last, Elina passed away during the Affair of Flesh. This book credits him with helping in the destruction of the enigmatic ‘Flesh Emperor’ though traditional history depicts him as fighting the creature alone.
I hope you enjoy this new and revised copy of what, in my opinion, is among the greatest historic biographies of the Lych-Lunar war period.
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