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Megan and her friends help mind Jane's broken heart.
Mr. Austen looked at the young woman who had just entered the room. "Miss, you are saying that Mr. Mitchell got you in the family way?"

The pretty young blonde woman nodded. "Yes, sir. He has." She hung her head and looked so sad.

"Father, this woman is not a lady. She is Miranda Schippen and forgive me father but she sleeps with men for a hobby!" Jane was really angry.

"Young lady, we will have none of that talk. We have an embarrasing situation here and Mr. Mitchell needs to resolve this. Mr. Mitchell, I will trust you will do the right thing. Miss Schippen, would you care to join us for dinner?" Mr. Austen was always polite to people.

"Yes, sir. Thank you." Mrs. Austen had Nancy get another chair and Jane exclaimed:" If you will excuse me. this so called lady can have my chair. I have lost my appetite!" Jane got up and ran to her room.

Jennifer looked at Megan and whispered: "Poor Jane."

Nancy served the dinner and everyone was quiet at the table. The roast beef dinner was good but would have been better if it weren't for Miss Schippen's announcement. No one looked at anyone at the table. Mr. Trumble ate like a pig and sounded like one. Jennifer and Megan laughed as did Gretchen and Angel. Mr. Austen slammed his fork on the table. Megan and Jennifer wandered why they wanted to be in this time frame. Mr. Trumble let out a big burp and Jennifer and Megan laughed. So did Cassandra and Mrs. Austen. Mr. Mitchell just smiled. Miss Schippen barely ate any food and Mr. Austen stood up and looked at Mr. Mitchell.

"Mr. Mitchell when you are done eating, you and Miss Schippen can talk in the study. I am going for a walk." Mr. Austen left to go outside.

Megan and Jennifer got done eating and Megan told Jennifer they should go talk to Jane. Jennifer agreed. Angel and Gretchen told Megan and Jennifer that they were going back to Mrs. O'Rielly's. Gretchen and Angel hugged Jennifer and Megan and left. Jennifer and Megan headed for Jane's room. They went upstairs to Jane's room and knocked.

"Who is it?" Jane asked.

"Megan and Jennifer." Megan answered.

"Come in."

Megan and Jennifer entered Jane's room. Jane had a nice fancy canopy bed and her magahney writing desk was full of papers with writing on them. There were two red velvet winged back chairs and Jennifer and Megan sit in them. Jane was at her writing desk but stood up and sat on her bed. She smiled and said" I suppose you want to know about Mr. Mitchell. His name is Drake Mitchell. Drake visits frequently and I have danced with him at all the dances I go to. All the girls like to dance withMr. Mitchell. As for Miss Schippen, she sleeps with everyone. Ladies aren't supposed to talk about these things but I love Mr. Mitchell and I have never told him or anyone this. Not even my mother or Cassandra. I am so embarrased. I have only had a kiss from Mr. Mitchell. Drake. He has never told me he loves me. He just says I am a nice lady with a lot of heart and a man will cherish me someday. He is the one I want to cherish me. He is Mr. Darcy. I wrote Mr. Darcy after him. A pompous ass. Father hates when I say that word but Mr. Mitchell is so chariming and handsome. Miss Schippen will ruin his life. She takes off her clothes for all men." Jane started to cry.

Megan and Jennifer went up to Jane and hugged her. They couldn't tell her they were from the future and poor Jane never got married. She was one of the most famous literary women authors of all time and Megan promised she would tell her about that someday before she and Jennifer went back to their time period.

Jennifer told Jane that there were other fish in the sea. Jane smiled.

In the study, Miss Schippen was trying to get Mr. Mitchell to marry her.

"Miss Schippen you sleep with men all the time. I am just one in your long line of lovers. I don't love you and you don't love me. You want my money." Mr. Drake Mitchell was not going to be trapped into a marriage with a woman like Miranda Schippen. If only Jane was beautiful like her. Jane was everything he wanted in a woman except she lacked beauty.

"What am I supposed to do, Mr. Mitchell? Drake?" I love you." Miranda was crying.

"I will give you 200 pounds and you can do what ever you want with it. Your child is not mine. I bid you good day." Mr. Mitchell left but he laid down 200 pounds on the table before he left.

Mr. Mitchell bumped into Mr. Austen as he left. Mr. Austen put his arm on Mr. Mitchell's arm. "What are you going to do about Miss Schippen?"

"Miss Schippen sleeps with everyone. She is not having my child. I gave her 200 pounds and left. You know if Jane was as beautiful as Miss Schippen, I would have been with Jane instead. Jane is sweet but I have my needs and Miss Schippen served my purposes." Mr Drake Mitchell looked so smug.

Mr. Austen picked up an umbrella and hit Mr. Mitchell with it. Mr. Mitchell fell down and Mr. Austen hit him again. "You have no sense. You don't know how to treat ladies. Get out of my house and never come back. You pompous ass! The devil take you!"

Jane, Megan and Jennifer had just come down the stairs and Jane looked so hurt. She had heard every word. Mr. Drake Mitchell looked at Jane and got up off the floor and left without saying another word. Mirands Schippen was leaving, too. Jane almost felt sorry for Miss Schippen. She had been used, too even though Miss Schippen was famous for having various lovers. Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Darcy. Even Mr. Darcy would hadn't been as pompous as Drake Mitchell. Jennifer and Megan would help Jane get over this man. They had suffered broken hearts, too.
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Beautiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.

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