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by Dawson
Rated: ASR · Lyrics · Satire · #1697191
Rap by post-apocalyptic Pope, Holy Rollo, from my Hard John's Nuclear Hit Parade script

Wheresoever yo' is from yo' should'a seen
Gawd has favored Catlicks after times so mean
In My New Improved Testament Gawd do say
It gawn take mo' money 'n tryin' to pay

After dis Holyco$t, Hebin to remobe
From My New Kingdom those who I disapprobe
Through they death we free da Hebin from they grief
From they bondage to they sin of false belief

Red 'n Yellow, Black 'n White, da Book it say we gotta fight
Need it be mornin', noon or night, what I say to do is right
My New Improved Testament give us a clue
What Sain't Hitler 3:16 tell us to do

Lefties on the Right, Conserv'tives Left of us
Fanatics they is All 'n preachin' nonplus
From East, West, North, South, from sea to shinin' surf
While they on Planet Earth, they on Catlick turf

Gawd say it okay to pillage, rape and burn
In his name, long as the booty here return
To My Church, the New Vat'cin at Norte Dame
Die for Me and go to Heaven without blame

Since da Hebin don' beliebe like us, Gawd say dat it okay
For every woman, man and child of Blasphemers to slay
'Specially chil'ren who grow up to haunt 'cha with double-crosses
Jealously seeking they revenge fo' they imagined losses

"N any Catlick don' carry out Gawd's Will incarnated
Through My instructions will fin' hisself excommunicated
Thus can't get to Heaven!  Remember, it yo' Catlick duty
To follow Gawd's commands 'n bring Me back here All the booty

Youse beliebe Gawd know what he talkin' 'bout
Yo' see he wrote da Book through Me, have no doubt
My Proclamations bishop please read, for every Diocese
The Edict of Chateaubriand, resurrected if you please!

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