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If you would like a good laugh please read Andy's Big Chicken Day.
                                                    ANDY’S BIG CHICKEN DAY

    It was a bright spring morning.  Nigh close to the end of the school year, and Andy was so excited for show and tell.  He could hardly sit still in his seat.  In fact the WIGGLE WORMS were a crawlin’ all over his toes.  FINALLY the teacher called his name.
    “Andy? Are you ready to show us what you brought for show n’ tell?” She asked.
    “Oh, yes’um! I am. I’s been ready for nigh a week now!” He said happily.
    “Well come on up then darlin,” she said with a red lip sticked smile.
    Andy grabbed his big back pack and dragged it to the front of the room.  He looked from left to right.  He grinned from ear to ear.
    “Come on Andy! Show us what ye got!” The class cried with suspense.
    “In this here bag is something’ mighty special to me.  Why I trained this here creature me-self,” he said with a crookety grin.
    “Andy you brought a live critter in that there bag? “  The teacher asked, with a shiver and a jitter.
    “Yes’um, I shore did, but my chicken wouldn’t hurt a soul.”
    “Chicken…?”  The teacher muttered all scared like.
    Andy opened his back pack and out flew THE BIGGEST,  THE  FATEST… CHICKEN! You ever did see…



        The chicken shouted, as it flew all over the room.  FEATHERS were a flyin’ and children were a screamin’! And the chicken was BACAWIN all over the place.  The teacher was yellin’ and getting flustered…which set the principal into action.
    He TRIED to capture that CHICKEN, but fell flat on his face tryin’.  The Chicken escaped, but scratched the teacher’s face. 
    “ANDY!  YOU…YOU..Get that CHICKEN! NOW!” She yelled.
    Andy’s face turned cherry red as he hollered, “ANNA MARIE CHRISTINA DAY! You get back here straight away!”
    Never had his chicken disobeyed, nor flocked her feathers all disarrayed. And so it was to this day…poor Andy a callin’ for his Anna Day.

                                                THE END
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