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First few sentences of what could turn out very nicely-free verse. Criticism welcomed.
                                              Covenant Fallen
There is a war outside my window,
With swords made out of hatred and
Shields built by remorse,

But there are no soldiers anymore,
Just Bryren, Aaiden, and I;
An army of three against the
Silent riot.

Sometimes I watch the world float by,
Safe behind the schoolhouse walls,
And I wonder if they know.

I wonder if they realize
That they’re a part of the war
Or even that the battle’s raging.
Quiet, but raging all the same.

Bryren says that sometimes,
Even I am like the war:
Silent. Intense. Cryptic.

In a world of quietly brutal corruption,
I am Silence.
Silence Endvic.
“Please, you mustn’t stray from attention.
                   There will be adequet time
         For your thoughts to wander
                   Soon after our lessons are through”

My eyes rise to meet the ageless form
Of the
My teacher, Bryren,
As he stands before me.

His is a familiar face to me,
For I have known his deep knowing eyes and
Darkened complexion all my life through.

Or perhaps for longer.

Then, softened like a new morning’s fog
I watch as his burden settles into a weary sigh.
He calls Aaiden and I back to our teachings,
*But it is impossible to focus now.*

I share in Bryren’s breath of exhaustion
And try to contain my attention solely to the classroom
But again I find my concentration strayed.

My mind now is elsewhere,
And soon I am imagining,
Reminiscing in the eras of
The wise, the honored, the pure;

The era of the Covenant Soldiers.
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