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Writer's Cramp Prompt - finding time to do something you enjoy

Just two hours more
I’ll be out the door
I’ll get my check
Though most of it is shot to heck
I’m going to use some for fun
Not a weekend booze fueled run

Give my fifth coffee a sip
Spin a paper clip
Chris wants to go to our favorite haunt
I’m not sure what I want
I could go on a date
It’s not too late

There’s the new divorcee, Eve
Can’t take her tears on my sleeve
I never know what to say
It’s not her fault he was gay
Hmm, a drive up the coast
That could keep me engrossed

Did I want a partner in crime?
Or, just me, my own time
That might be the best thing
Don’t want my phone to ring
It’s funny to admit
I just want to split

This is one of my best trips
We stopped for fish and chips
I took off my shoes and socks
Watched the waves pound the rocks
No computer and no phone
Yet I wasn’t alone

The sea air is great
I lazily look at my date
She gives a satisfied groan
Tired from all the balls I’ve thrown
Just me and my malamute
Our satisfaction is absolute

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