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Blog by Any Other Name. . . .

Recently, after lamenting to a friend about how self-conscious I feel when I write on my blog (so self-conscious I sometimes force my cat, Ed, to write my posts), several thoughts occurred to me: #1. I needed a glass of wine and #2. I hardly ever have two thoughts at once.

My thoughts actually were : #1 No one really reads my blog except me and Ed and # 2: I take blogging way too seriously.

Indeed. A blog need not be the serious, self-indulgent blabberings of a”blogger.” A blog can be the silly, self-indulgent result of a late morning glass of cheap wine.

And so, in keeping with my new devil-may-care attitude, here are six things the word”blog” puts me in mind of:

1.A solidified clump of grease and hair.
2.Something a dental hygienist scrapes off the front of her uniform after a particularly challenging flossing session.
3.The sound Ed makes while striving to cough up a moth.
4.The stuff that collects under the breast of a large woman on a really hot, humid day.
5.Malevolent fog.
6.The sound a big woodpecker would make if it dropped dead mid- flight and fell 20 feet down into the mud.

And finally, the WordPress spell checker highlighted “blog” and suggested “blag.” This could mean another couple of thoughts. Stay tuned. -Dana
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