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The beginnings of a story line. It is going to go on from here, but in the future...
The setting sun played upon the waves in a lovely dance of color. The blue of the sky had dulled to a pinkish purple with the golden yellow of the sun to give it a slight glowing tint. Every evening the colors would change, the beach front would reflect the fading day, getting ready for nightfall. The waves crashing to the shore were magnificent, like a soothing lullaby, having the most calming and tranquil manner, effectively soothing my nerves, leaving me relaxed. I looked forward to the peace of the nights.

“Regan, aren’t you coming in soon? You know I don’t like for you to be out too late, especially when the dark comes.” It was my mother, calling to me from the porch of our summer cottage.

It was our yearly summer vacation. The cottage was beautiful, but I hated being cooped up in there. I felt smothered indoors, when there was so much to see and feel and hear outside. I preferred the beach where I could hear the nightly calm, and the waves sing there lullaby. I liked to watch the shimmer of the moon and stars sparkle across the surface. The stars reminded me of fireflies dancing on the water. It was little wonder I was so enchanted.

Knowing that the hour was getting late and my mother wouldn’t wait too much longer, I headed back to the cottage. I planned to sneak back out and sleep on the beach under a blanket of stars when my parents were asleep.

“Good night mom, good night dad.” I said to my parents as I headed up to the room I shared with my brother Robbie. It was annoying to share a room with my little brother. He was only seven and glued to his video games. At sixteen, I felt that he could appreciate the place more. There was so much to be had from the beach cottage.

The cottage and the beach in particular was rejuvenating, spiritual in all its glory. People came all over for its healing abilities. Even though I believed fully in the energies of this place, my family thought I was just silly. I didn’t care if they believed or not, which is why I always chose this as my vacation spot.

Every year we take turns picking the spot for our vacation, and whenever my turn roles around no one had to guess as to which place I will choose. My parents have realized I love this place so much that they have even promised that for my seventeenth birthday, they would give me the cottage. It was only a year away. It was almost all I could think about as of late.

It was an hour before the cottage was quiet enough to only hear the slow even breaths of my sleeping family. I was careful not to make much noise as I grabbed a small blanket and headed to the beach. I laid down on the blanket under the stars and listened to the sound of the rolling waves. It was a lovely tune that I couldn’t help but hum to. I hummed in a tune so soothing that I was beginning to fall asleep.

Almost asleep, I realized later that that was why I hadn’t been frightened before as a man stepped out of the shadows. He was handsome as only a man in his twenties could be. Even years later I would be able to picture him perfectly. Light brown wavy hair, dark brown eyes, and a body to die for. Even at sixteen it was hard not to appreciate him.

He came forward and stood in front of me. I should have been intimidated at his tall lean manner, but I think I was too drowsy to realize the danger I could be in.

“Hello,” I said to the complete stranger, “whats your name? My name is Regan.” His eyebrows lifted at my question, as if surprised I had asked him that particular question, like my trusting manner was startling.

“Well, Regan, my name is Gabriel. What are you doing out here this late at night? You are too young to be out here all by yourself.”

“I am not that young, and I find the gentle lull of the waves calming. I am at peace and like to listen to the sound of the sea. Hearing and seeing the night upon the water” I told the strange man Gabriel.

Again the slight lift of his brows, like I had again said something he hadn’t expected. He seemed somewhat amused by my answer. “And how old are you then, young Regan.” Gabriel asked her.

“Sixteen. I am here on vacation with my family. We own the cottage and come here every time it is my turn to pick our vacation spot. I can’t wait till next year when this place is mine.” I spoke wistfully, my mouth moving of its own accord.

“So, you choose this as your spot so you, and you said this place will be yours, why?”

“My parents told me that because I love this place so much, that it would be my seventeenth birthday present. When this place is mine I am going to come here as often as I can.” I felt my heart beating to a faster rhythm than usual. His eyes were startling in there intensity, and I could feel my blood rushing through my veins. It was weird I was young to feel so aware of a man, but here I was responding. I decided to ask a few of my own questions, now that I was more alert.

“So, Gabriel, how old are you? What are you doing here on the beach?”

“I am far older than I look young Regan. And I am here because I heard the most beautiful melody when I was passing by and came to investigate its origin.”

His sincerity was flattering. “The waves call to me sometimes, there own songs having me sing there refrain.”

He must not be taken off guard often, because his bewilderment was plain to see. “Well, it was a lovely sound. I have not heard anything like it in all my long years. And to your early comment, you do seem older beyond your years.”

I heard the compliment in his voice, and my heart swelled under his praise. “Thank you.”

An understanding crossed his face of something I couldn’t make out but he seemed to withdraw into his self. “It is getting late and you will need your rest. I must leave now young Regan.” the way he said that made it sound like an endearment, not as if he were belittling me.

“Oh, please don’t leave, I like talking to you. Can I see you tomorrow?”

“I am sorry but I must decline. We will probably never see each other again. I must warn you to be more careful and not stay alone in the dark. It could be dangerous.” He stood up from where he had been sitting. “Live a long and full life young Regan. I hope that you want for nothing.” With those last words he loped off into the dark disappearing as quickly as he had appeared.

Later, I would wonder if I had imagined the encounter.But I knew in my heart it had been real enough.

I also knew our meeting had left me changed, forever. My heart had been awakened and then lost. Lost to a man of the shadows of the night. A man I would probably never see again.

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