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by Jennyj
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Yuck! Cramp for 8/13/10

Write a story or poem that involves intergalactic fast food.

Food Fit from the Stars??

Was heading out for meal-time fun; was looking for a snack!
Got in my ship to fly to it, and forgot to look back!

Thought I’d get a burger up in space, ‘tho I don’t know what kind!
But thinking back, I just assumed they’d have fresh meat to grind!

And, boy, was I amazed to find that in space they eat rocks!
And eat them without salt or cheese! My taste buds were in shock!

So, next time that I crave fast food, I won’t look far from home!
This intergalactic fast food just makes me want to roam

off far and free from their weird eats! I want more normal fare!
Next time I’m offered space fast food, I’ll know enough to care!!
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