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by Bri
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A short story about the life of a conscience.
The Tale of a Conscience

What are all these people doing in here? It’s so crowded that sometimes I think I could leave and never come back, only to realize I was never needed in the first place. That I was only there because somebody couldn’t bear to let go of the past.

Do you have any idea of what this has cost me? I guess psychologists would say my “emotions and mental maturity have been suffocated – constricted - throttled (choose as you will) by this unfortunate experience”.

Now don’t you dare even ask me what this means, as I absolutely refuse to speak “Gen Y” - all I can tell you is that because of your selfish, that’s right – selfish need to hang on to past events, I was never able to leave when my time came. I was never able to go on to the next person and influence their life the way I was meant to! Instead I’m stuck inside the head of a rotten, misspelling, angsty teenager who has no idea of the trouble they’re causing.

Oh, I have your attention now, do I? Well that’s a marked improvement. Never in your life have I been able to get you to listen to my worthy advice and now you want to listen to me? Well I guess I can tell you some of my purpose if it will make you let go of me. No harm there really.  Alright! Since you are so emphatic that you want to learn I shall tell you.

My job is to live with a person from birth. I am your “conscience”. I tell you that it is wrong to put that tack on a certain annoying person’s chair. I tell you that it will not help your butt or thighs to eat that extra block of chocolate. I tell you that it is also wrong to want to pound that stupid son of a … for insulting your hair. Well, not wrong really, just inappropriate at the current time. I tell you to wait until they are in a dark, secluded alley…

No - I’m joking! Really! I don’t tell you to do that! My job is to get in there, mould you into a responsible “young adult” and get out of there. ASAP if possible. It’s so gross inside a teenager’s mind. They never pick up their stray thoughts. Gets quite messy and thick in here sometimes… But that’s beside the point, as it’s not my fault that you’re going to grow into a fat, lazy slob. My job is to insure that you grow into a morally just - fat, lazy slob. That, is what I call a job well done.

Still you come with the questions! Well, yeah, maybe I haven’t been completely perfect. I might have been the one who told you that life sucks. But hey, you were going to find that out for yourself in ten years or so, I was just giving you time to prepare yourself for that fatal day. Well no, not really. I was actually getting back at you for believing that it was all your idea to send her a get-well soon card after you broke her leg. All my idea! Like you could come up with something that original. IDIOT…

And yes. In answer to your last question, there was a time when you were supposed to let go of me. But you refused to! Refused to think for yourself, instead mitigating the onerous task of deciding right from wrong to me. Should I tell her that her boyfriend’s cheating on her? Do I tell the guy he forgot to charge me for that beer? The never-ending questions that are enough to drive any person insane! Lucky that I am not any person, eh?

So what are you going to do? I mean, now that I’ve explained the situation, you know the truth. You can’t in good conscience (no pun intended) just go back to living how you were. You need to make the decision. Will you live for yourself, continuing to use me wrongly, or will you do the right thing. Will you let me go to move on to my next life? Let me go and continue with my purpose on this earth.

I await your answer eagerly.
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