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by mary
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Emotional · #1699055
this is about a young woman who decides to go to a bar one night where she met a young man
It was a cold winter night and i was just getting off work. I didn't want to go home. I knew there was nobody there waiting for me so why bother. I got in my car and drove to a bar downtown. I figured i would get a little work done and put a couple of beers down. I knew i had work that morning but i had always been good at not getting a hangover no matter how much i drank, i sat at the bar and ordered a corona with a splash of lime i looked over some papers of a case that i had been handling for month's now,and in that time i manage to get cheated on by my husband and divorced although he used the case as a reason of are sudden parting i knew that,that wasn't the case. After a while i was tired and ready to just go home and fall out but as i was getting up i couldn't help to notice the young man that was coming through the door,i quickly sat down and  ordered another drink i didn't want to be a stalker but i wanted to sit around and observe him for a while. I wondered if he would notice me and come over i sat alone for another 30 min not looking directly at him but watching his every move i got tired of that and decided to just go home.I paid my tab and tipped the lovely built bartender that had served me for the night, i made my way to the door making sure to look straight ahead although i was tempted to look his way i reached out to pull the handle of the door when i felt a soft but big hand touch mine and say "hello" i spent around to find the gentleman that i had been watching the whole night now here he was face to face and all i good say was hello back.
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