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by mary
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a woman who life revolves around her husband until he dies in a plane crash. more to come
Anna jumped up out of her sleep awaken by a nightmare of her past rapist "james" anna said aloud but she had forgotten her husband was on yet another important trip for a client anna hated being alone in her and her husbands big house and since james hadn't shown any sign's of wanting to have kids anna was just stuck alone.

James was due back home soon and anna wanted to make sure that everything was in place for his return home james didn't like a dirty house and he always expected for his dinner to be ready when he got home,so like a good wife anna spent the whole day cleaning as she cleaned she couldn't understand why she was having back pains and why there home was so big if it was only the two of them. But although she thought about it often she knew never to question her husband.

Anna was to pick james up the very next morning so that night she tried to get to sleep early but in the case of the house being almost a minnie mansion it took her longer than she thought. James had just recently lost three of his best client's so they were forced to fire the maids and butler's so that they could afford the house.

She finally got up to bed that nights at 11:00p.m she was much wore out and didn't feel like taking a shower before laying down,anna had just faced her first day of cleaning the house and now she knew how the maids felt. James plane was set to land at 6:00a.m anna tried to fall fast asleep she knew if she was late picking him up she would be in trouble.

Anna woke up at 7:00a.m that morning and didn't think twice she grabbed her key's and ran out the door forgetting her purse she made it to the airport at 7:45 she was to late james had already taken a cab home.

Anna braced herself for what she knew would be a long night,but when she got back to the house james wasn't there she checked the answering machine to see if he had called then she ran to her purse where her cell phone had been.

"twenty missed calls he's going to freaking kill me"is all that anna could say she went to the bedroom were she would wait for james to get home to receive her punishment,but that night james didn't return home anna called him all through the night hoping she could just get him on the phone to understand but he never answered.

The next morning anna got up and cooked breakfast hoping that he would come home and let her explain before just going upside her head,anna turned on the t.v to channel 7 to watch the news "and in other news a plane crash yesterday morning leaves airway lines terrified a plane set to land at 6:00a.m crashed just outside of chicago"Anna dropped the pot and burned her are she ran to the phone and called the airport.

"hello my name is Anna lawrence my husband was suppose to land yesterday on flight number 029836"the woman on the other end of the phone gave a moment of silence and told anna she was sorry for her lost anna dropped the phone and fell into tears.

Two weeks passed and anna found out what the pain in her back was she was in fact pregnant with a little boy who she would soon name james she just hoped he turned out nothing like his father.

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