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Rated: E · Assignment · Death · #1699473
A school essay that had to start with the words " It all started with a phonecall"
It all started with a phone call. The shrill sound awoke me with a start. At first I wasn't sure what was screaming at me. I turned to check the time. 12:04. Great, the witching hour. The screaming continued and I quickly realized that it was the kitchen phone calling me. I got out of bed and a wretched smell greated me. I smelled like an animal. " I have to take a bath in the morning," I yawned to myself.

"Hello?" my voice croaked but silence was all that met my ears. I stood waiting for a while but soon the comford of my bed seemed more appealing than standing in my kitchen in the middle of the night. I tried one more time "Hello?" but the same silence spoke back to me and I hung up. I turned sleepily and walked back upstairs. On the third step I had the eery feeling of being watched. I turned and surveyed the interior of my living room. Nothing unusual. Shrugging I continued upstairs but the feeling remained slowly creeping up my spine and crawling into my head. Goosebumps started racing across my skin and I couldn't continue to ignore the feeling any longer. Slowly I looked over my shoulder back at the room. Again my eyes found nothing unusual, nothing out of place. As I turned back to face the front my eyes caught something in the window. Two pure white eyes stood staring back at me, unblinking. They stared... and it felt like they were disecting my body, hungrily eyeing every piece of me like a butcher's knife stared at the screaming lamb brought to the slaughter. Gasping, I lost my footing and with a painful grunt came in contact with the wooded floor at the bottem of the stairs.

Slowely I got up and met two more eyes staring at me from the kitchen door. They were bigger, more manly but the same hunger controlled them. Involunteerly I shuddered but my survival instinct kicked in. Adrenalin filled my vains and I pushed myself up but quickly found myself on the floor again. I looked at my hands and they were covered in blood, the velvet colour dripped off my fingers and covered the floor. My eyes traced the falling drops of liqued . Instantly I regret it. "Let the hunt begin" written in blood decorated my floor. My eyes met those of the man in my kitchen, I could see that he was grinning. I slowly got up and so did he, the sleekness of his movement made the little bit of hope that I had disappear. My breath came and went in short gasps, the vapours disappearing made me long to do the same. The front door was not an option he had that covered. My only hope was upstairs. As if reading my mind he tenced and suddenly sprang forward without making a sound. I turned and ran upstairs...

"Come out, come out where ever you are," the taunting voice of the bigger male echoed through the halls. The boy giggled, but a demonic sound when you were running for your life. Tears streeked down my cheeks, they weren't the only ones trying to escape. My options were very limited and getting smaller by the second. " Maybe your hiding in the bathroom?" the boy asked in an amused voice, he was enjoying this. I on the other hand wasn't. That just happened to be the exact place I was hiding. My heart raced as I heard their footsteps getting closer. Terrified I summed up my options. I had two. Face these monsters or escape. I looked aroung and saw the small window. I would rather jump than face these creatures. My hope rised and I hurried to the window, I would live to tell this at the bar after all. I grabbed the handle and pushed but nothing happened. I couldn't believe my luck, the window was shut for good. The only thing that went through the window was my hope. The door crushed open and the white, oh so white eyes of a boy hungrily met mine. I was out of options and he knew it. Ironiclly I did take that bath, blood is such a good moisturizer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please every and all comments would be appreciated! Don't hold back I would love to know what I could change to get better! Thank you in addvance!
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