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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #1699630
When Gin meets Vener and discovers the ash tree, nothing will be the same again.
Chapter 1: just an ash tree
Boring , this was what best described my life ; normal family , normal school, normal friends , in other words a normal life . I always had the feeling that I needed something more in this life than just letting days pass , grow older and die, well of course that changed when I first met Vener.
My name is Gin  I know it isn't exactly a normal name , but my parents say the name just came to them (probably they were smoking weed or some shit like that) I was 16 by the time I entered Fitzgerald High School . I thought that there my life would be more exciting ,but when  I spent 2 months of my life there I realized it was still the same unpleasant feeling of emptiness I had since some years before , until Vener  arrived at school . The day I met him was like any other day ; woke up , changed my clothes ,said goodbye to my parents ,left for school, arrived and started to hang out with my friends in class before the teacher arrived , as usual he arrived 10 minutes late , but instead of starting class as he always did , he started saying – class I have an announcement to make ,starting today a very special student will join us , his name is Vener Evanesca , one of the best students this institute has ever had ; as a result , please give him a warm welcome and also one thing , don't criticize his eyes , it seems that even though they're not usual ,clinical results show there is no problem in them , so please be quiet about that fact – he then shouted to the door – You may come in Vener – after that a bloke of about my age entered through the door , he had black dyed hair and piercing red eyes with a cross pattern on them. I was amazed that it was his natural color , when he was in front of the classroom he said loudly and clearly – Vener Evanesca , 16 years  old , nice to meet cha , I hope to get along with everyone ….. oh and one last thing when you're talking to me cut the crap ; speak clearly ok? – After he was scolded by the professor by using “rough language”  he was assigned to sit by my side . He behaved like a normal guy , was really good at school and even asked my name after a while , we started talking and we became instant friends . By the end of that school day I assumed he was a normal guy except for those strange eyes , I said goodbye to everyone and started walking home but what I did not notice was that Vener was following me , when I  arrived to the park close to my house I decided to sit on a bench for a bit , then I noticed Vener walking towards to me – Hey, what's up, do you live around here? – I asked , he answered with his confident smile he had since I met him – Kinda , but I followed you to tell you something before you go to your house , come with me , I think I can solve your problem – I looked at him completely intrigued – my problem ? – he sighed – Just follow me Gin – well since I was bored and he had awakened my curiosity , so  I decided to follow him . We entered an alley I'd never seen and when we came out we entered a street I'd never heard about called “The end” I tried to talk to him so that I could ignore the strange hobos that were starting to look at us – pretty optimistic name for a street don't you think – we continued walking as he said – well if you're here it means you're probably are about to reach the end – I didn't knew what he was talking about so I asked no more . After passing the strange blokes and the poor houses we arrived after a few minutes in an abandoned terrain except for a strange tree full of life but still its leaves had the color of the ash – well we're finally here – as any normal person I asked – Where the hell are we ? – he looked at me with his tired but confident look – You always wanted something else in life isn't it? With this I can show the secrets of the world , the universe , well except those the ones of the big guy up in the sky he won't allow me , because he has copyright and all – I answered quickly and agitated as fast as he finished talking – H-How d-do you know all that, which secr-r-rets  and does G-God exist? – he laughed – easy, easy mate , first let's just say the eyes aren't for show , they allow me to see through people ,second , follow me and you will know  ,third – he sighed – yes yes he is real , so what do you think , will you come with me ? – as he said that a portal of many colors was starting to open in the tree – I don't know , this is too much for me to handle , my brain is still processing it at this moment – As he prepared to step in the portal  he told me something that would change my life forever  - Hey mate , just remember this , when you're old you will always have wondered how it would  have been if I entered there ? – what he said opened my eyes  and made all my worries disappear – well it's better than having dinner with my aunt that is visiting us , so Vener show me the way – He made his usual smile  - Now we're using the same  language  , let's go !- as we entered the portal I realized the meaning of going through that portal , my life , my world was going to change , but somehow that didn't scare me as if it was something I was somehow meant to do .
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