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About an Irish man who becomes a Vampire
The tale of the Vampire Brian Sheen.
A Vampires Tale.
By Sean De Lyon

Chapter one
I write this journal in the hope that whoever may come across it will know the truth of what really happened to me.
Dear reader let me start by telling you that what you are about to read is complete fact not fiction, whether you choose to believe me or not is up to yourself. I am Brian Sheen and I have been a vampire, yes that is correct a “vampire”! For one whole year, I was twenty two years old when I joined the world of the un-dead. And I am now stuck as a twenty two year old forever, literally; I am not complaining, for I am not that bad looking either, I have dark brown hair and am of an average height, I have dark green eyes and not a bad physique.
But enough about my vanity, let me now start by getting all the utter rubbish that you may have heard about us vampires cleared up because it’s all bullshit! No the cross dose not repel or burn our flesh. As for the myth about the wooden stake, HA! Please do not make me laugh. Holy water is not like acid to our skin. As for sunlight as long as it is not direct sunlight I/we can move about quite freely, that’s the truth about the sunlight myth. Living in Ireland we don’t get much sun.
But we do need blood, without it I’d be a mess I don’t drain my victims to death, I just take enough, but I’ve had my moments! In the first few months after I was turned into a vampire I lost control, I got carried, away, but they were the lowest of the low, rapists, murderers, drug dealers, pimps...etc.
I’m not trying to justify my own murdering of these poor souls but their crimes that flooded into my mind as I fed on them just increased my hunger. We also get stronger in our powers as we go along this never-ending journey of un-deadness. When you become a vampire you are naturally given all the basic powers, faster than the speed of light might be a slight exaggeration, but I can move like lightening and I can jump to the top of a four storey building, no problem. Our finger nails are as strong as steel which help us in climbing and if we are in a fight with one of our own kind they can do some serious damage. We do not turn into bats, but I can fly, so can Jeff and Luke.
Luke is my maker but I shall tell you all about that as I go along. Not all vampires as young as I have the power of flight, and the reason I laughed about the wooden stake through our hearts was because our bodies are like iron so you can imagine trying to drive wood through that. There are really only a few ways that we can be destroyed; direct sunlight, fire and being beheaded.
Nicholas Shannon, my first cousin is a complete book worm, and he has this theory that there must be some way around the whole “direct” sunlight issue. He claims that there must be a talisman or charm that could protect me from the rays of the big bad sun. If there is trust me he will find it.
The reason that I have not yet turned Nick, his full name is Nicholas, but I’ve called him Nick since we were children, into a vampire is because he is only nineteen and he is my only link to my human family and because I love him too much to do it; I do not even know if I would be able to. Luke (he is so old, I don’t even know how old he is), says that I am too young to perform it, that it is his gift and his alone and that only certain vampires can do the “ re-birth trick of darkness” as he likes to call it.
It was 2008, the year I became a vampire. I had run away from home, not because of my parents or anything like that, but because of me and my drug problem. Heroin had totally and completely taken over me; it had sucked the soul out of me over the last five years. I’d been strung out on the poison more than I could bear.
I was in Dublin, and I was bad on the gear, the streets had become my home and I had come to my wits end. So I jumped the train to my home town of Carlow hiding out in the toilets, with my back-pack, three bags of heroin a roll of red plastic rope and the clothes that I had on my back, all that I held dear to me in the world was contained in my back-pack. As the train pulled out of the station I began to continue smoking the bag of heroin which I had started back in the toilets at Houston Station, I sat on the toilet lid just watching the rain hit and splash each drop running quickly down the window pane.
I must of dozed off tutor in the side of my mouth as I woke up in Athy Station, for this was the last stop before Carlow and the only reason that I awoke so quickly was that I could of sworn that I had heard someone say my name, and felt as if someone or something cold had brushed against my left cheek.
As I got off the train, just when it pulled into my hometown, the smell of the country fresh air hit me as I inhaled my first breath of Carlow town, it was so distinct. Now that I am a vampire believe me I know that smell as fresh cow pats which is saying it nicely. I looked up at the station clock 4pm, half of me wanted to see my parents just to know if they were okay and well. But I couldn’t, so I started walking out along the country road as far away from anyone as I could get, just me and my bag slung over my right shoulder. It seemed like I had been walking a thousand miles, I felt like some animal that was coming to the end of their cycle.
The sky had the look of thunder and I could smell the rain in the atmosphere. So I was over joyed, when I came across a deserted old run down cottage.
All of the windows were barred up with old decaying plywood, which made for easy access. Inside it was like a palace, it was warm and dry. There were old and rotting, decaying and some not in that bad of condition, bits of furniture about the place. It had the look that no-one had lived in it for decades, at least. There was even an upstairs in it reached by a very unreliable looking staircase. At the top was a high ceiling, with big long wooden beams running across and interlocking with each other.
It seemed that whoever had built the cottage had put the best of materials into building it. There were three bedrooms, the first one, had a dressing table which was eaten through by woodworm as were all the bits of furniture and there were old ornaments, some broken or chipped or in pieces on the floor. The second room was much bigger than the first and in it was an old brass bed frame which contained a mattress covered in plastic and dust, which I quickly wiped away, with the towel that I kept in my back-pack.
I then sat myself down and just held my back-pack in my arms, and looked at my surroundings. There was an old dusty, large book-case. I had not noticed it when I had first entered the room, as I must have had my back to it. There were some old books scattered among the shelves. Readers digest and a few classic novels about two or three. I loved books but that had been so long ago, that had been the old me, before I’d lost myself. I saw an old study desk to my right I went over to investigate its drawers. As I rummaged through them, I found an old hard back copy of the novel, The Vampire Lestat. I remembered how as a young boy of six, my father’s brother, and my uncle Richard would sit me on his lap and read it to me. As I held it in my hand I was brought for a short trip down memory lane.
It was as if it were November 2006 all over again, for on that bitter cold frosty morn that I had awoken before anyone else in the house. I walked towards the kitchen door happily thinking that Richard was already in there making breakfast. But as I opened the door and entered, there he lay in front of the sink on the floor. As I tried in vain to revive him, by using CPR but it was to no avail. I then fainted with shock. I awoke in my bed, with my mother at the bedside. As I looked at her I realized, just how much I loved her.
I drew myself back from my trip down memory lane. I came back over to sit on the bed, where my bag was. I placed the book on the bed beside me, and then started looking for the three bags of heroin. I then looked in my bag for the tin foil, which I needed to do the poison and I had about twenty cigarettes left in the packet, which wasn’t so bad. My last final bit if happiness I thought before I say goodbye permanently. I know how stupid it sounds now, but at the time I wasn’t seeing straight.
As I chased the dragon, I could hear some far off church ring its bell either to announce Mass or the Angelus. I blessed myself, mostly out of habit I think, and looked at the red plastic roll of rope lying on the bed. Was it time yet for this or was it a warning of what lay ahead of me. I put aside my tray and lighter to read “Lest at”, I read the first four pages thinking how wonderful it would be to be a vampire, but vampires were the work of fiction, boy was I wrong. Ironic really!

I soon got bored and began chasing the dragon again only this time I put it all on to the tin foil tray, I needed Dutch courage for what I had come back to do. There was a boarded up window just above the head board of the bed and I knew that fading light meant that night was fast approaching. I had a key ring light torch and one candle which I’d had in my back-pack since Dublin. I rummaged around and found an old silver candle holder; at least it looked like silver. I brought the study desk up beside the bed and placed the candle upon it and lit it, it sent a warm glow and gave all the brick-a-brack in the room an eerie dancing shadows of their own, even my shadow looked weird and floating I thought.
I began to feel as if I was being watched, but I put it out of my mind. I soon was chasing the dragon again but the chase was coming to an end and I was getting prepared to do what I’d come to do. I got up to take a break and I took one last look around the last place, that I would be spending the last hours of my useless existence. As I put aside my wasted tools of my last chase ever, for I now had enough Dutch courage inside me to do what I’d come to do. But now that I think back, I was totally out of my mind. But all I can remember thinking is how much I wanted it all too just go away...).
I took up a stool, which I placed it underneath one of the beams then I swung the rope over, making sure that all the knots were in working order. I then placed the noose over my neck, stood up on to the stool; I tightened it even though tears ran down both my cheeks. I then gave the stool one good shove kicking it out from underneath me. I was then left hanging in mid-air gasping for oxygen, but I’d really done a good job on the knots.
As I struggled to release myself in vain, I was beginning to lose consciousness. All I can remember of the last thoughts that ran through my mind was how much I did not want to die and then the lights went out.
When I opened my eyes, I didn’t know if this was heaven or hell; I felt weak and drowsy, I’d no withdrawal pain. I felt warm. With a bit of a struggle I tried sitting up on whatever it was that I was lying down upon and to my surprise I found that I was in a lovely double red velvet bed with old fashioned drapes also of red velvet, it was a huge four poster. As more of the room came into focus, I saw beautiful oil paintings on the walls which were made of blue marble. There were also bookshelves filled with books, a desk with stationary on it, and there were other items in the room, with one exception, there were no windows.
As my senses started coming back to me, I realised that I’d been washed and I was only wearing boxer shorts, which were new and not mine. As I lifted the covering of the rich red velvet that covered me, I was certain that I had been bathed as I had not had this good of a wash since home. I quickly put home out of my mind, I had to try and find out where I was, who had done this to me? Brought me here? I tried to get up and out of the bed but as soon as my feet hit the cold white marble floor I quickly flopped into a sitting position on the left hand side of the bed. I put my head in my hands trying to get everything together; it was then that I heard a man’s voice speak, “I think you might not want to try that again or you will fall flat on your face,” it said. I turned my head around to see whom had spoken to the right of me, and there across the room was a man, he was tall and his skin was like that of a white bleached bone, he was tall about 5’6 inches he had dark blue eyes, set in a strong broad well-structured face and his face was flawless. There was something strange about the way the light from the many candles reflected upon his skin, I realised that the candles were the only source of light in the room and there were lots of them and even a torch here and there, burnt high on the blue marble walls. His hair was of a dark colour almost black and he had it shaved at the sides with long curved pointed locks and he had it tied back in a ponytail, I had not seen a hair style like this since the 90’s. If his hair was not in a ponytail the length would have been down to his chin. As I stared at him mesmerized by his striking appearance, he wore I noticed, black slacks and shirt both were very well-tailored cut to both his trousers and shirt.
“Dolce and Gabanna is the shirt the slacks are Armani,” he said. As he started to move towards me it was as if he had just read my mind. “Who are you?” I asked him, and I just blinked trying to focus better, and he was then standing beside me and he had been at the far side of the room just before I had blinked. “I suppose you may call me Luke,” was his reply he made a motion with his hand as if I would allow him to sit on the end of the bed. I waved my hand out as a sign of “yea sure,” I said. “It is your place so go ahead.” As he placed himself sitting on the end of the bed I pulled the cover over my lower body, for my legs were beginning to get a little bit chilly.
“Where am I? And how on earth did I end up here,” I asked. He just looked at me and smiled this began to agitate me; here I was in no-man’s land, and this guy Luke was smiling! “Well what would you like to hear from me? Should I tell you that you are in heaven or hell,” he replied. I just kept staring at his dark blue eyes, which now that I looked at them had a hint of light purple just around the pupils, which were black. “The answers are simple, Brian, you are not in heaven or hell, no you’re not dead, although if it had not been for Lee you would have killed yourself and still be left hanging from a beam in that run down cottage, in the back of beyond,” Luke said.
Who was this Lee? I had been alone in that cottage all by my-self, the only people there had been me, myself and I. “Then she brought you here to me,” Luke began again, “I had you washed, dried, given a haircut and groomed to perfection. Lee was right you are a perfect diamond in the rough,” he said this last by waving his left hand towards me. “Who is this Lee that you are on about? How did she find me?” It was all so much to take in I had just brought my head up to my knees I needed air, this was all too much to take in, I began to rub my temples I could feel a headache about to spring into life. This was my first real indication that I was not in heaven I was feeling something.
“Don’t start to run before you can walk,” said Luke patting my arm. His fingertips were cold and gave me a shock at his touch, he smiled noticing my reaction. “Now let me start by saying that what I am about to say to you is the truth, and all that I tell you is true.” He stood up slowly and started pacing around at the foot of the bed. “As I have told you Lee brought you here, why? I do not know, but her intentions were good. So remember she never meant you any harm, or I for that matter.” He looked straight into my eyes as he said this and began speaking again. “I know the way that life has been for you, the hurt, the pain, the feeling of hope gone never returning, always wanting peace but never finding any. People looking down on you as if you are worthless like dirt! He looked at the sole of his black leather shoe, and made a wiping movement with his foot. “Then we come to the family, always the black sheep,” and he half smiled as if thinking the same about himself.
“What if I could take all that pain and hurt away, never having to worry about money, having to fill your body with poison just so you can feel normality for an hour or two, having to live on the outside never getting into the main stream of the so called living,” he kind of spat the last word out. I looked up at him for I had had my eyes downcast while he had been speaking; our eyes met and as we looked into each other’s eyes I saw all the past of hurt, pain and suffering that was my life for a brief moment. “What if I told you that I could take all of it away, just like a fairy-tale wizard? I can make all of it go away, never having to go through the pains of withdrawal’s from the poison that you have made your body dependent upon. Not having to care what people think of you, but it is also much more than that. It’s a whole new way of life, but the choice is u to you Brian not I. All you have to do is either say yes or no.”
He seated himself once more on the bed beside me. I had known everything of what he had spoken of and I did not care how he was going to take all of the suffering away; I just wanted it to stop. “Yes,” I said looking straight up into those dark blue cold eyes of his, which bore back at me as if looking into my very soul. He moved even closer to me and bent his head down towards my throat. I could feel his breath upon my flesh and then I felt a sharp stinging pain as he sank his fang-teeth into me and at that point the whole room began to swirl around me as I clung to him as he drained me of my life’s blood. I could hear my heart beat begin to beat slowly and his began to beat like a loud drum and the rest was darkness.

Chapter Two

When I reopened my eyes, how can I describe it, I cannot words cannot describe how I felt, I was in the same room and bed and Luke was still here sitting in a chair by a desk reading a book. As I started getting more aware of myself I felt a sharp nagging pain on the right side of my throat. I lifted my hand and when I did I was surprised at how muscular and full my arms and whole body in fact had become. It was as if all the weight that I had lost over the poison had been returned even my finger nails which I had previously bitten down to the skin had a nice long growth about them.
“Ah you’re awake,” came Luke’s voice from across the room, and as soon as I looked up from observing my new nails he was stood at the bedside looking down at me.
“How are you feeling?” he asked putting up a hand against my reply, “stupid question, you will never explain it, words very rarely can,” he smiled and went on. “A quick talking too before we go along, you have lots of questions, I am sure but all will be given an answer in time. Your still Brian Sheen, you are still yourself with the tiny exception that your dead, to cut a long story short my green eyed one, you are a vampire!” I started to laugh and so did he for a while, then he clapped his hands together loudly, which quickly put an end to my laughter? The sound of his clapping sounded like two cement blocks being struck together. “I do not jest; he looked me straight in the eyes.
“So you mean to tell me that I am one of the un-dead? Like I’ll have to sleep in a coffin, kill people and drink their blood and......” he put his hand up at the last part of my raving. I was a vampire; I just couldn’t make sense of it all. “No you do not need to kill people to feed, but you will need blood to survive and no you do not need to sleep in a coffin, so you can put all that Dracula rubbish out of your mind.” He patted my head softly as he spoke, “your young but you have all the time in the world to learn all about your new self, and time you will have plenty of.” He stood up still speaking.
“The only rules that must be obeyed are: keep away from direct sunlight which is one of the myths that are true as it will destroy you and the other rule is that you keep your new identity a secret, no one not even family must ever know about our-kind.” He looked me dead on in the eyes, and continued. “You will have all the basic natural powers that come with been a vampire.” He now sat down in a chair and as if to prove this power he was on about, he made the whole chair with him sitting in it rise above the floor, I watched gobsmacked as he floated over to my bedside neatly landing the chair down perfectly.

“Then you will discover that you may or may not have other unique abilities, that even the oldest and strongest of our-kind do not possess,” he then rose from the chair and with a flick of his right hand , made the chair float quickly back to its original place by the study desk.
“Now I had these brought up for you,” Luke held a brand new silk shirt and blue diesel denim jeans, and fresh under wear and socks, black in colour, in his hand, he placed them on the end of the bed and sat himself down. “I think that you’ll find that they will fit you perfectly, it will be a joy to see you out of those track suit and rags that you have worn for who knows how long!”He then patted the clothes and rose up saying, “I shall leave you to dress and give you some space and I shall then send for you and bring you to meet the rest of us.” He then turned and left through a door at the far side of the room, the door slid open and slid closed behind him when he was out of the room, the reason that I had not noticed the door was because it had been camouflaged to look like the walls in which it was hidden.
I was surprised at how much strength I had to get myself dressed; everything fitted perfectly even the black leather shoes. I stood amazed looking at myself in the floor length mirror; I could not believe who was looking back at me from the mirror. A mirror that’s right, we do have reflections so that is another myth smashed. I stood there trying to let my mind take all of it in. I half smiled to myself and then images of home came flooding to my mind and I could feel tears filling up in my eyes as I looked into the mirror, I was stunned at the teardrops that were running down my cheeks for they were black in colour, my tears were as black as the Ace of spades!
“That happens,” said a soft toned voice of a young man. I did not even hear him enter. “I did knock but you gave no answer, I’m Jeff,” he replied to my thoughts just as Luke had done. “How did you do that?” I asked him full on, wiping my tears away with the sleeve of my shirt. He smiled and then came towards the chair beside the desk and leaned on the arm of it for comfort.
“You will soon be able to do it yourself as well in time,” he put more pronunciation on the last word which I thought was odd but let it go. “Luke said that you also still have to feed and believe me you will know when, cause your new set of choppers will let you know, you’re hungry and a new born like you will be starving!” he smiled and moved from the arm of the chair to the end of the bed. His face was also flawless, and pale white, just like mine was now, but his eyes, there was just something about them, not the colour of them for they were every day blue, but it was as if darkness lurked behind them.
The darkness was something that I could not put my finger on, the way he moved with such grace and ease amazed me. I wondered to myself did I move the exact same way as he did. He had blonde hair cut short; it was full-bodied just like mine, and the shine that came from it I admired. “A good thick head of hair” as my mom use to say, mom....) not yet it is too soon to even think of my family and home.
“Well we better get you out hunting”....

“OUCH!” I had interrupted, him for as I stood listing to him my new dentures had pierced my tongue, they were very sharp and compact is how I would describe them. At least they were not monster movie fakes thank goodness. Did I have the right to thank God anymore? The realization of what I now was becoming clearer. I really was now a vampire and now I was about to go out on my first ever hunt, my first taste of human blood.
‘I assume that you have just sprouted your new choppers my friend, and as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, your dressed and ready so let’s get you up to Luke and the rest of us, I bet Lee can-not wait to see her new saved soul’, he smiled and he then clicked his fingers together which opened the door and he motioned his head for me to follow him, which I did.
We came out into a hallway which was dry and the walls were not made of marble like that of the room which I had just left they were brick and brown in colour. Torches blazed on their brackets spaced along the wall, the light from them made my shadow and Jeff’s warp monstrously on the walls
I noticed that my eyesight was so much better which astonished me, even though the hallway was in places darkened I could see perfectly as if the hallway was in daylight.
This reminded me about the times Nick and I as kids played night-vision soldiers….) way too soon to even think about family now I must focus on the present.
As Jeff led me along the hallway I noticed a short flight of stairs which led up to an iron door, which slid open.

I was amazed to see Luke and two girls and three males one of the girls had long blonde hair she was five foot and six inches tall, and she was cute slim figure etc…)
The men were all young about in their early twenties. Luke came towards me rising from his purple throne of solid marble, ‘these are your brethren, Mark, Duce, Terence and Jeff you have already met,” Luke said gesturing his right hand towards them. I noticed that all of the boys and girls had the same bone white complexion even more paler than mine and I wondered to my-self would I have the same complexion as they did in time, well only time would reveal this to me and by the look of things I had all the time in the world. They all were very attractive, Mark had short-cut black hair and his eyes were pure red except for the black pupil in the centre which gave me the shivers, he nodded his head in greeting as did I.
I also noticed their nails they were all shaped to a fine sharp point. Terence greeted himself next I shook his hand which was as cold as ice. He had brown auburn

Hair and his eyes were of a pale greyish colour. Next to greet me was the one called Duce, he came and shook my hand his touch was as cold as ice, he had black shoulder length hair which contrasted well with his golden eyes of which the pupil was pure blood red. Then Lee came and shook hands with me she was even more stunning up close. Audrey did not come and shake my hand she just stood where she was and nodded her head. I liked the way how her brunette hair complimented her pale complexion, she also had the most amazing eyes of a violet-blue colour which also added to her lustrous locks. Now with the introductions out of the way, Luke said “Now my young ones, off ye all go and remember take care of one another and don’t do too much damage and take care of Brian and no rule breaking, now on ye’r way,” he added. And with that I followed the others. I was excited; I couldn’t wait to see what the night would hold as I would see it through my vampiric eyes.
We all left through the door to our right, which led up a flight of stairs and along another torch lit hallway of black marble. Then up another short flight of stairs, which led to a basement, the coven lair was built underneath a stately house. We all went up the basement stairs and gathered in the large hall. Mark came over to me. “You’re hunting with me tonight kid” he said patting me on the back,” fine by me,” I replied, thinking how thoughtful he was. The others opened the front door and walked out into the night. Mark and I followed.
Mark closed the door behind us. Mark and I walked in silence for a short while, he turned to me and said, let’s get you sorted out first, follow me.
As I followed Mark I began to realize where I was, I was still in Carlow. I was far from human activity, but not for long. I and mark passed the grounds of the only boarding school left in Carlow, Knock-beg collage, the sights and sounds of the night amazed me. Words cannot express how the night feels to a vampire.
So how are you feeling? Mark asked me.
Its’ just all so much to take in at first, but as I go along it is beginning to sink in, I replied.
It is like that for all of us to begin with, but as you grow so will your power, Mark explained. As he was talking I began to feel a slight nagging pain in my stomach, I told him this and He just smiled knowingly,
That will be your vampiric nature telling you to feed, Mark told me. As we walked I loved the way the branches of the trees reached out to touch the moon, which shone brightly in the night sky.
We were nearing a housing estate, just on the outskirts of the town. I could also tell that Mark was hungry too, from the vibes he now gave off.

We walked down through an unused football pitch. Which led us out into a small cul-de-sac of houses; Mark turned towards me and gave me a smile which showed his fang-teeth saying,” Let’s have some fun Brian”.
He then turned and jumped up onto the nearest roof, landing as silently as a cat, he stood waiting for me to follow. I focused on the roof and with a silent prayer I jumped; Mark caught me as I came in to land next to him. I felt thrilled at my new ability, I’d just focused and wham! I was now standing next to Mark.
“Not bad for a first attempt, you learn quickly, not many are able to get it right first time round”, Mark said kindly.
The two of us travelled by roof-top, I was amazed at how easy I was finding it travelling by roof-top to roof-top, I just had to concentrate as before and also the hunger pains were driving me on. To seek out my first victim,
We soon came to the main part of town. I looked down at the humans below us, Mark kept his eyes on a pub called Scraggs Alley two men were chatting to one another both smoking cigarettes at the entrance way into the pub. Mark kept his on the guy on the right, a stout burly man with a bald head; he also had a tattoo of a teardrop.
“Now Brian the one with the teardrop is yours he is your usual run of the mill scumbag,” Mark said, giving me a friendly pat on the back. “Now we follow him when he starts to leave, which he is about to do now,” he added.
We followed teardrop when he left his friend, we followed him by roof-top, keeping him in our sights.
Now that I knew he was to be my prey, a sort of predatory feeling came over me, I was like a wolf stalking a lamb, I could sense that Mark had been right about teardrop, from the aura he had, this guy had committed, acts of pure evil. But I wondered did that make it right for me to drain him dry of his life’s blood? The hunger within me was getting stronger now my vampiric nature had kicked in full swing. I longed to sink my fangs into his jugular.
We tracked teardrop to a dark alley-way, named “Cox’s lane”, he’d parked his car here and just as he was about to insert his car key into the drivers’ side, Mark jumped from the top of the building we were on, landing silently behind teardrop, grabbed him and held him till I landed in front of them both. “Quick Brian, before anyone comes along and enjoy the first taste of his blood as it runs over your lips,” Mark said, he then dug one of his sharp nails into teardrops throat and a trickle of his blood began running down his neck. Teardrops’ eyes widened in horror as I approached him, the sight of his blood sang to me, I snarled as I bent my head sinking my fang-teeth into the soft flesh of his jugular, like a sharp knife slicing through butter sending its warm thick rich red liquid down my throat. Mark released teardrop into my death giving embrace, the images of all the innocent victims he had rapped, murder the images only fuelled my hunger even more, I could feel his blood running through my veins, filling me with life and power! I could hear his heart beat fading, the sound of death.
I pulled my head back and my head swooned with the rich life giving liquid, I could feel my body heat up with the fresh kill and my muscles filling with strength.
I dropped teardrops’ lifeless body to the cold ground and Mark picked him up like a rag doll! “Dry as a bone”, Mark said jokingly, “let’s get outta here now!” Mark said and the three of us landed on top of one of the nearest, roof-top. Mark had brought teardrops’ corpse with us as we jumped up.
I and Mark sat down, with the lifeless body between us.
“So how are you feeling now?” Mark asked me with a smile.
“I feel hot and warm; I can also feel the blood strengthening me at the same time. The images I got as I fed on him were pure evil murder, rape, the list of his crimes was endless Mark,” I replied.
“Remember that we only drain scum like that, but we also drink from the innocent but we only drink a little, still leaving them alive, it’s a handy survival trick,” Mark replied. “you stay here while I dispose of this scum and enjoy the blood and the beauty of the night and the moon, sure she’s, a grand one,” he then picked up Teardrops’ corpse turned and leaped off into the darkness with Teardrops’ body hung like a rag doll over his left shoulder, the way it shook the darkness soon swallowed them. I sat their enjoying the stars and the fresh kill, I did not know how I felt, and I said a silent prayer for Teardrop.
As I looked at my skin, it glowed with new life, I could almost pass for a human, it was that ruddy, my body felt flushed and warm from the kill.
The more I thought about my new life-style, the clearer and easier I was adjusting to it. I remember reading about vampires as a child, when Uncle Richard would read them to me. Now I was one, a real un-dead creature of the night, and I had the whole of eternity to experience it.
“Well how have you been while I was away?” Mark said to me, I did not even hear him return.
“That was quick,” I replied.
“Well he was easy to dispose of, they always are when you know how, which you’ll find out when you return the favour for me with my victim and do not look so shocked I shall be there to assist you,” he said sitting down.
“Well I have to learn,” I replied.
“That’s’ the attitude my young friend, now let’s go my stomach needs some belly timber,” he said standing back up, as did I and the two of us leaped and bound from building to building.
Until we came to a housing estate named “Willow Park”
Mark and I landed in one of the houses’ dark back gardens. We hid in some shrubbery looking up at the house.
“You wait here the house is dark so whoever is inside is most likely asleep and I’ll be quicker if I go in and feed alone, something I will teach you when I get the chance too.,” he then turned, leaping silently onto the roof. He moved so fast that when I looked up at the roof-top I could see him entering through an open window that had been left ajar.
As I sat waiting for Mark to return, I wondered would I move just as he had only time would tell. I was now finding it quiet easy to travel by roof-top which according to Mark was the safest way for us to move about.
I didn’t even hear Mark returning again, carrying his victim just as he had done with Teardrops’ body. His prey was a young woman of about thirty years. Mark licked his lips in a dramatic fashion.
“Did you miss me?” he asked smilingly, “this is dumb dolly,” he added jokingly as he gave his drained victim a
Shake, which made her look like a pale rag-doll.
“Right lets go Brian,” he said. We then took to the roof-tops once again; Mark carried his lifeless prey like a light bundle, a bundle of death. I thought to myself, was she a scumbag or was she an innocent victim; I thought to myself, did Mark actually practise what he preached?
We soon came to the river barrow, where I returned the favour. I filled the body with heavy rocks after Mark spilt her like a fish with his sharp nails, I then ripped her head of her shoulders and smashed it to a pulp.
I then carried her remains and flung her out into the middle of the river where she sank with a splash to the bottom, where the fish would finish her off. I said a silent prayer for her soul, it was a hard thing to do but as Mark pointed out, I was not human anymore and the sooner I learnt that the quicker, I would adapt to my new life style.
“Now we shall go and meet with the others, see can we find Lee and Jeff,” he said to me and the two of us turned and strolled along, then took to the roof-tops
When we came near civilization, we moved like panthers, leaping and bounding from one building to another. I looked at the people below, falling out on to the streets from the pubs and clubs below, laughing and joking with one another and I wondered to my-self would I ever part take in the human world ever again?
Mark closed his eyes as we stopped on one roof-top, he inhaled deeply and was silent for a moment, and I looked at him with a smile, wondering what he was doing.
He opened his eyes quickly and said, “Terence is around, actually he is over on that roof-top over there,” he said pointing to the building across the way.
“how can you tell, “I asked, he turned and said to me with a smile, “you have the ability to sense your own-kind when they are near, all vampires can either read another’s mind, that is if the other vampire dose not guard his thoughts, so that others cannot read your mind, but most can always sense other vampires when they are near, try yourself, close your eyes and calmly reach out with all your might, use your power,” he smiled.
I closed my eyes as he had instructed me to do and I took a deep breath just as he had done and I tried to shut the noise from below out, I felt stupid after a few minutes standing and nothing happening. But after awhile I found the sounds of below fade out and I started to sense, another aura like the one Mark gave off and also another, there were two vampires across on the other roof.
“I can sense two over there, and I think that it is Duce. I’m not sure how I can tell you how I know that, but I got this picture of him and Terence in my mind’s eye, if you know what I mean,” I explained.
“Very good Brian, your powers are growing from the blood you have just ingested, not all new-borns are able to use that ability at such an early stage, I think you are going to be one good vampire,” he replied smilingly. I thanked him for the compliment and thought to my-self, the more blood I drank the more my powers would grow.
“Let us go and meet them,” he said and the two of us leaped across to the other building roof-top unnoticed by the humans below.
We found Duce and Terence sitting down, talking with one another, as we came and sat beside them Terence greeted me cheerfully, “ so how did you get on with your first hunt,?” he asked.
“Fine, I think,” I replied, I was amazed to see that Duce was smoking a cigarette, I was astonished at this.
“How can you smoke when you’re a vampire?” I inquired.
“I like to enjoy the reminder of smoking, but it was a filthy habit,” Duce replied with a grin and inhaled another foul intake of smoke, into his un-dead lungs.
“Well at least you’re not going to die of cancer,” I said jokingly to him, he smiled at that.
“So how are you feeling now young Brian?” he asked me. “Fine, I’m beginning to get used to it now,” I replied.
“You should see this guy in action, his fast learner,” Mark said, I was thankful that he thought so highly of me and I was also a bit embarrassed by the compliment.
“Well that’s what we like to hear,” Terence said to me, “we need good vampires these days,”Duce added silently, as if to himself more so than to us three.
“Well any plans gentlemen,” inquired Terence, loudly.
“How about we go for another hunt,” I suggested.
“I suppose we can all have one more, before we return back to the coven house,” Mark said. We all stood up once more to go in search of another victim. Mark suggested that Duce and I team up this time and he and Terence would meet us back at the coven house. I agreed to this, thinking that Duce could teach me a few things and the two of us stood watching Mark and Terence disappear into the night.
“Well we better get a move on ourselves, shall we? Duce said, and the two of us travelled like two ghosts over the roof tops I following Deuces’ every move and at the same time keeping our eyes on the people below, our eyes boring into them as if we were looking into their souls.
I noticed that Duce was now following three men, walking below us, “dinners up,” he joked pointing at the unsuspecting, drunken louts below. We tracked them all the way to a housing estate named “Pollerton Ave”, the estate was in semi-darkness and we watched the three men as they all stopped outside one of these houses and went inside closing the door behind them.
“Now Brian, we just wait for awhile until the light in the front room is turned out, and then we make our move,” Duce said as he lit up a cigarette, “do you want a smoke, He said offering me.
“No thanks, not just yet,” I replied, I did not see the point.
“No problem bud,” he replied tucking the box of cigarettes back into his jacket pocket.
After awhile our waiting paid off, the light in the front room went out leaving the house in total darkness.
“Now Brian let us make our move,” Duce said and the two of us landed silently on top of the preys’ roof and we jumped from there down into the dark back garden and looked upon the house from behind the shed.
As we stood there watching the house making sure that the humans inside where asleep, I suddenly felt Duce tip me on the shoulder. I turned towards him to see what he wanted. He had his finger to his lips meaning for me to do as he done and be as silent as the grave. He then jumped onto the roof of the conservatory landing gracefully and without making a sound and he then entered the house through a window that had been left ajar. I took a deep breath and followed after him and thankfully landed on the roof without making a sound and made for the same window.
The two of us found ourselves in a bathroom, Duce went and sat on the toilet seat and he gestured for me to sit on the edge of the bath-tub.
“We will just wait for them to be fully asleep, when we hear them snoring we shall make our move,” he spoke so quietly, it was as if he was whispering and he then began to hum a tune quietly to himself, so softly that human ears could not detect.
As we sat there I thought to my-self, just how easy I was starting to feel about my new lifestyle, in a strange sort of way I saw it as my second chance at life, all the pain I had suffered as a human was gone never to return. But did I have a soul? That was what I was wondering the most since my change, for vampires are supposed to be lifeless soulless monsters, that did not have a reflection. And I did have a reflection! For as some beliefs say that your reflection is your soul looking back at you, was I damned or did salvation wait for me somewhere still.
Loud snoring took me out of my reverie, and Duce and I went out of the bathroom, we came out into a hallway. There were two doors each leading to a bedroom. “Now Brian you shall take that door and I shall take the other, and remember that when you are finished feeding cover the wound on the throat with your teardrop, for it will close the wound as if it was never there,” he explained quietly to me. I just nodded my head and was amazed to learn this new ability that my own teardrops could do as he had said and was eager to try it out.
When I entered my preys’ room, I looked down upon the sleeping man of about thirty years, I wondered what crimes this man had committed or was he an innocent? As I stood there in the moonlit room I could smell the alcohol coming from his breathe and the smell made my head swoon as I bended down towards his throat and the question that I had been wondering was answered. As the blood slid over my tongue and down my own throat, the images of the crimes that he had committed only fuelled my hunger more and as I drank I could hear my heart beat quicken and his fade out.
I was in the process of covering the wound from my fangs with my teardrop which was of a black-ink colour when the door opened and in walked Duce.
“Ready to take our leave?” he asked smilingly
I nodded and rose up. I noticed that Duces’ usually pallor was now radiating and ruddy from the fresh in-take of blood, he had just taken.
Once outside I told Duce how ruddy his skin looked, he smiled to himself and turning towards me said, “when we have just fed, it makes it easier for us to pass for human,” we then took to the roof-tops once more and as we moved I could feel the fresh new blood coursing through my veins and the moon sang her silent timeless tune to me.
Duce and I soon left the main part of town behind us and we walked through the fields as we made our way back to the coven house. Duce opened the front door and I closed it behind us. The grand-father clock over to my right chimed 6 am dawn was approaching.
“So, how was the hunting boys?” asked Luke, as he stood in the middle of the hallway, it was as if he had just appeared out of thin air for when I had entered first the hallway had been empty.
“Fine” I replied.
“Good that is what I like to hear,” he said and the three of us all went into the front lounge and sat down.
I took a chair beside the fireplace where a log fire blazed adding a warm glow to the room.
“Well Luke you’ll be glad to hear that Brian is a natural and he had two meals tonight,” Duce informed Luke.
“He also helped me dispose of my victim most effectively,” said Mark as he came in and sat down beside Duce. If vampires were able to blush I would from the kind praise that I was receiving from them.
Duce lit up another cigarette and offered me one which I refused once more, as I sat there listening to the other three having a conversation I found my-self gazing into the flickering flames of the fire, which had me captivated, for I was now seeing the flames through my vampire eyes, also the smoke coming from Duce as he exhaled, swirled about our heads even this amazed me too.
The sun was beginning to rise over the horizon, Mark noticing this got up at once and drew the heavy drapes shut blocking out the waking of a new day. The clock on top of the fire mantle chimed 7am. “It looks as if the others are staying out,” Duce said and just as he had said this, the door opened and in walked Lee, looking even more beautiful from her hunt, her complexion was radiant and her cheeks had a rosy glow to them. Audrey came in behind her and the two of them went and sat down next to the television, which they switched on.
The images of the television screen dazzled me the colours were like when one looks through a kaleidoscope. I also noticed how Lee’s eyes were of a fiery golden colour now, she and Audrey smiled at something on the television and they started to giggle, the sound of their laughter was like that of crystal been tapped to make a tune and I thought this was lovely.
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