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An attempt at a poem for kids.

This is about the things that things do.
This is written (in hopes) to teach you.

First, let me tell you a bit about you-
You are for doing whatever you do.
You are a thing of the old and the new
(So do with that what you will).
And what about me?
You soon will see
I'll be what I'll be
(And so will you still).

But now about grass-
Grass is for walking,
Sometimes for talking,
And makes for great stalkings
(Though it's not always green).
While the wind is for sighing,
Is awful at lying,
And makes for kite flying
(Though it's not always seen).

As for the sun?
Well, the sun is for cooking,
Keeps all his day bookings,
But he ain't for looking
(Not easy on the eyes).
While the moon is for staring,
For night-time walk sharing,
And sometimes day wearing
(Always a nice suprise).

Now about them there feet-
Feet are for tripping,
For too-cold-pool dipping,
But can't handle shipping
(They're in need of a hand).
So, hands are for feeling,
For gummi-bear stealing,
And some say for healing
(Say, hands are grand!).

Shadows you say?
Well, they are for hiding,
For slow surface riding,
And general time biding
(They're not all that scary).
Well, they do the drifting,
Most day-time thought sifting,
And heavy rain lifting
(They make the sky hairy).

What about your friends?
Well, friends are for playing,
And good secret saying,
They help with problem weighing
(But they're mostly for love).
And what of love?
Well, love is for knowing.
Love's good for showing.
Love is an important thing made for growing.
Though, my dear friend, you can't always see-
Love's always there
(Believe you me).

But now look here at improbability-
How big is the world, and how small are we!
I can't possibly tell you of all of the things that do be.
So now you go out, and do some seeing for me.
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