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by mary
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this is chapter one of a book i am working on called "getting down to it"
  It was late and i couldn't sleep my leg's were aching i had just gotten in from the club. Mama was sleeping thank god i didn't feel like hearing her mouth, i had been working at the club since i turned eight-teen and even though i was twenty-one now mama still didn't approve. I had planed on moving out but mama needed me and still does, that next morning i sat up in my bed and looked at myself in the mirror, i couldn't believe what my life had really turned into. I hadn't had any kids yet but my life was still based on taking care of my mother and working a job that i didn't like."Are you up" i heard mama's loud mouth all the way from the kitchen.

  I jumped up and slipped into my nightgown and started towards the hallway. Mama was cooking breakfast which usually meant she needed some money, i sat down and waited on the begging to start, but it didn't i ate breakfast and went back to my room to get ready for the day i had allot to do before going to the club that night. After i was dressed i went to mama room to find her in the mirror "you going somewhere" Mama just looked at me and smiled that wasn't an answer, but i didn't have time to stick around and get one.

I went to meet up with my girl's Candy and Peaches i had been knowing them since the eighth grade. Candy and Peaches had also been working at the club Candy was the oldest and she had been working at the club longer than me and Peaches, we meet up at the fashion one nail shop on 12th and dakota. I had just seen the two of them at the club last night but it always felt good to see them afterwords too. We sat and talked about the recent kidnappings that had been going on at the club.

Time went by and i still had stop's to make, i hugged Peaches and Candy and said my good-bye's until later that night.

I only had two more stop's to make but it was only one that i was pleased with doing. I pulled up at Andrew house at 6:00p.m with the attentions on having my boyfriend comfort me before going to the pig stein i called work, although andrew didn't accept me working there either he knew there was no chance of me stopping any time soon. I liked being independent and not having to wait on a man.
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