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Spoken Words: a woman's struggle to wear her hijab, and the corruption of men.
I don't want to be a hijabee!
It's not for me.
I like the cool mist of the wind that blows through my hair.
I get to share; myself with the world, uncover, exposed untangling my curls.
My clothes, my shoes, my arms so beautiful.
My thighs, propped up high; where I would just fit in nobody and nobody will realize me,
I'm a Muslim and want to be their friend, because from what I understand Muslims terrorize them.
At home and abroad, Islam has caused, so much pain and stress.
They say, I'm depressed, because I have no freedom to do what I want.
They say, I socialize with terrorist and Islam is just a front!
They say, my men are not good; they convicts throughout the hood, woods, desert, even housing projects?

They say Muslims are inspired by Muhammad, so that makes me a hypocrite.

I say, I want peace, love, security, with my friends, neighbors, street thugs, total stranger, and birds, trees, respect for myself, peace and security within my Muslim family, too.

But it's Islam, they say, that tell us to be violent; preach hate amongst the one who doesn't believe what we do, and that no other groups or religions practices that, too?

I hate to be caught in middle of all this crazy stuff, and it's time, because I had enough! .

They say everybody in Islam is the same.

Take off that Hijab girl are you insane?

I can't let people know who I am because I'm afraid what they may think, or even do.
G'd will hold every man, woman, and child from near and far to answer for what we did, or didn't do!

He will say:
Why did you say you that which you do not do?
Why did you cause corruption?
You made them fight against one another?
The Angels showed me everything, here's your book!
Did you not think I took a look?
Did you say you was a Muslim, Christian or Jew? What religion, if you had any, what was you supposed to do?
Where was it I told you to publish all those things you did?
You went on backbiting and betraying men!
Is it because I gave you life and freedom to do as you choose?
You watched so much lies from t.v., newspapers, used your computers to befriend the devil in his scheme to poisoned the people with your lies and sins.
You even went to the Mosques and other places I direct, and started all of this controversy that had a detrimental effect on my creation, it caused so much mutation.
You even acted as spies, told lies, as though I wouldn't find out!
If you have goosebumps and fear that' a good thing, because now you're here!

Was you the one who went to your neighbors, friends and families, and even those you only seen once and never again, preaching HATE, TERROR, RACISM, BIGOTRY, GOSSIP, CONFUSION, LIES, GRIEF AMONGST THOSE WHO LISTENED TO YOU?

You made the innocent suffer because of your self-fish acts. You made people believe your foolish trap?


You lied on Me and the Prophets alike,

You had the book right in your hands, you twisted the word to suit you and your fellow man.

Did you not think you will have to answer me? I warned you before you came! --

I don't want to be a hijabee, she used to tell herself, just because someone wears that religious stuff, or whatever it may be, doesn't mean their worshiping G'd the Almighty the Creator of the Universe, Forgiver, Divine, Caring, Loving, Compassionate.
It doesn't mean they're not devil inspired to commit crimes, take the time to do the work of enjoining the evil instead of good.

Yeah, it's no different then what it was before, long ago; and even to this day, where you will see crime, victims, criminals, and terrorists from every religion; using his religion as power to deceive; mislead the people on the path they should go.


That day, surely, we all will stand before the Lord we claim to worship. without vein talk, stupid walks, without sisters brothers, and what others thought.

A day of justice that's well deserved, from G'd Lord Almighty who will have the last word in this world and the hereafter!

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