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Something I wrote for a role playing site about a team of elites(from halo game).
The wounded human soldier limped along the pathway supported at the shoulder by his comrade. These were the only survivors of Aya's attempt to destroy the snipers hidden within the ruins. Aya followed them, completely unseen, utterly silent. These humans deserved to die, they had no honor, instead of fighting they chose to hang back and take shots at us from afar. The cowards. Worthless cowards that's all they are. Nevertheless, they would give away our position if they made it back to their forward base. They had to be dealt with, and Aya was the one, personally chosen to do it. He just had to wait for the best moment to act. The low shrubs on either side of the path soon turned to large trees as they continued down the path. The large trees soon became a dense jungle. The time was near. Soon the path would become overgrown. The humans would have to leave the pathway, and they are noisy and clumsy. Aya rushed ahead and stopped at the ideal location when he eventually found it. He waited, with patience, like he had done so many times before.

The humans stumbled through the dense undergrowth. Now was the time. Aya lunged at the marines, cutting at their legs. Their feet were severed from their legs. They opened their mouths to scream in agony but their heads had already fallen from their necks before they had a chance to. The headless, footless bodies collapsed on the ground in a dead heap. Quick. Silent. Efficient. That was what made Aya one of the greatest assassins the Prophet had at his disposal, or so he thought.

Aya opened the comms-device. "The snipers are dead. No human remains that knows of our position. The time is now" Ultra 'Kanee Replied "Already? That was quick. Okay, MOVE OUT". So far, the plan was working. Would we finally drive the human disgrace from this planet?

Aya followed the plan precisely, quickly moving along the cleared path to find the human base. Finally, there it was. A pathetically flimsy-looking encampment, obviously the marines were too preoccupied with merely surviving to care enough to make the base anything more then a temporary shelter for the troops. Only a wall of logs protected them. There wasn't anything in the way of a comms tower. That meant one of two things, either the main base was near-by, or they were completely alone, out of range of any comms tower. Aya signalled Thel to ready his Carbine, and for Lann to create a distraction.

Lann threw a Plasma Grenade at the closest log-pile. It exploded in a haze of blue plasma, the force of it sent a log crashing into a tent, and trapping an unfortunate marine by his now-crushed leg. At the precise moment of the explosion, Thel decided to shoot at the commanding officer, the one with the most badges. As the radioactive projectile hit the officer, square between the eyes, and with a spirt of blood, the officer fell back, blood drooling from the 8mm hole in his head.

The marines barely had time to notice what was going on when Lann charged at them, Plasma Rifle blazing, rapidly firing blue shots of Plasma energy towards anything that moved, mainly the Marines. A few marines fell dead while their comrads rushed around them screaming "THEY'RE ATTACKING!!!" and loading their primitive guns. One brave marine tried to buy time for his collegues to escape, he charged at Lann, smacking him on the chest with his gun. Lann barely felt a thing, his armour absorbed the hit completely, and he smashed the marine across the face with his great fist. The marines red blood flew through the air as he crashed to the ground, not dead, but greatly wounded.

Lann left the marine to duck for cover as a hundred bullets flew through the air towards him. They all missed their mark, flying straight past. The hail of bullets soon ceased as the humans realised that Lann was no longer standing in their sight. "He must be somewhere." reported a young and plainly inexperienced marine. Suddenly, another radioactive-green projectile flew out of Thel's Carbine, and into the head of another marine.

They stopped, and turned around, looking vainly for the concealed sniper. Lann seized his moment, and silently snuck up behind the desperate marines, drew his brutal knife. The knife was yet to taste blood. Lann thrust the knife through a marines chest, and as he screamed in agony, his comrad standing next to him collapsed, the unmistakeable plasma-blue, two pronged blade of an Energy Sword through his chest. It was Aya.

"Quick, Lann, we must get out of the radius of my bombs I just planted". As they ran away from the base, Aya signalled Thel to stay where he was. There was a massive explosion of blue plasma, the light consuming the entire of the humans' Forward Base. Serna finally arrived with the rest of the force. "Serna, there is a good chance that the humans' main base on this planet is nearby, but it will be well guarded, I can assure that." Serna replied "Of course. I just hope you made that battle quick, if they can alert the other humans then we will soon be having to evacuate this planet ourselves, or call for reinforcements. The Prophets will not like wasting their time on this little human colony though."
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