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This is a plot-summary of the novel I wish to write. Pardon me for not using spaces.

Background about the triangle:
• Dylan loves Taylor but can’t tell her about it. Taylor loves Dylan but doesn’t want to be the first one to bring up her feelings though she knows and feels that Dylan feels the same way for her too. Justin is both Dylan’s and Taylor’s friend but he likes Taylor. He knows about how Dylan feels for Taylor but won’t tell her about it.
BTW, this story starts off as a college-love story. D&J are 2 college years older than T (Wil, sorry if this makes it kind of similar to two stories that we know!). Please set religion aside while reading the plommary (you’ll find out about this later). Also, I don’t think it’s gay for a man to cry.

Dylan--><--Taylor <--Justin

PLOMMARY (Plot + Summary = story-like)

Dylan was about to tell Taylor that he loves her but in Taylor’s emceeing event, wherein Justin was her co-emcee, Justin publicly asked Taylor to be his girlfriend. Not wanting to humiliate him, Taylor said yes. Unluckily, Dylan was in the event and heard her response. Dylan really loved her so he decided that he’ll let her be with Justin. He was depressed as he decided to go into priesthood, which happened to be his childhood dream, since there’s no other reason for him not to get into it. After his graduation, Dylan left the country. When Taylor heard about this, she was crushed because she doesn’t want him to go and he did not tell her that he will leave and might not come back. Taylor still loves Dylan more than she loves Justin. After two years, Justin and Taylor worked under the same company. Even though their relationship was still on, Taylor continues to think of Dylan day by day. After three more years, Justin and Taylor got engaged. Exactly a year later, Taylor went to mass alone. Upon hearing the priest’s voice, she instantly froze and felt that she recognizes it. Taylor cannot wait for communion to check if her gut feel was right. After a few more minutes, she has finally proved herself correct—Dylan was the priest. After the mass, Taylor and Dylan talked at the church’s garden—Taylor finally told him that she still loves him and that she wouldn’t have entered the relationship with Justin if only he has professed his feelings to her before Justin did. Dylan didn’t comment on what she said. Instead, he told her that he’s happy to commit himself to God. He saw the engagement ring on Taylor’s hand and asked if she’s getting married to Justin. Taylor chuckled in amazement at how he knew that she and Justin are about to tie the knot. She then said yes and told him that she’s three weeks pregnant. Dylan smiled and offered that he’ll be the one to wed her and Justin. Taylor nodded and thanked him. They were talking about life after college when Taylor’s phone rang—it was Justin. Taylor bade goodbye since she has an appointment with the doctor in an hour. After she left, Dylan went to the farther side of the garden and fell down to his knees upon the realization that he could’ve been the one she’s going to marry and that he could have been the father of her baby. But then, he cannot take back the decision that he made of becoming a priest. He cried a tear and decided that he should be happy for her because she’s going to marry someone whom he thinks, deserves her more than he does. As Taylor was driving to the clinic, she started to cry because she didn’t expect that Dylan would react that way. She was expecting that he’d tell her that he still loves her. Since she’s just a few meters away from the clinic, she wiped her eyes dry and convinced herself to be happy since Dylan has fulfilled his childhood dream and that he’s back in the country. After a month of daily preparation, the wedding day has finally come. After all the vows, Dylan cleared his throat before pronouncing them husband and wife. After the wedding ceremony, Justin thanked Dylan for what he did, knowing that he ‘used’ to love Taylor. Dylan told Justin that he’s happy to see them married and that he wishes them all the best from God. After seven months, and without any more contact with Dylan, Taylor gave birth to a lovely boy. Because of her heart disease, complications have aroused. Before she died, she requested that the baby would be named after Dylan. Even though Justin was deeply hurt by her last wish, he promised her that he’ll name the boy “Dylan Matthew”. Taylor, upon hearing the promise, closed her eyes, ready to receive eternal rest. Exactly after seven years, Dylan Matthew went to church and prayed. Fr. Dylan was walking the church when he saw the boy. He felt his pulse race though he didn’t know why. He stared at Dylan Matthew for a moment. After the boy has finished praying, he saw Fr. Dylan and walked towards him. He stopped right in front of the priest and asked if he can talk to him. Fr. Dylan agreed and they went to the church’s garden. Dylan Matthew introduced himself to the priest, who was stunned upon finding out that they share the same name. They laughed about it for a while before Fr. Dylan asked Dylan Matthew why he was alone. Dylan Matthew told the priest that his father locked himself up in his room and that he wouldn’t eat, answer his phone, receive visitors or even talk to him and that he does this yearly, at this very date which happens to be his birthday. Fr. Dylan, hearing that it’s the boy’s birthday, greeted and sang Dylan Matthew ‘Happy Birthday’. The boy thanked Fr. Dylan for doing so, most especially because he was the only one who wished him a happy birthday. Fr. Dylan wondered why and asked the boy about his mother. Dylan Matthew told him that his mother died while giving birth to him and that it’s her mother’s seventh death anniversary. Fr. Dylan said that he was sorry to hear about that. Dylan Matthew cried and told the priest how much he loves his mother even though he never saw her in person. After being comforted, Dylan Matthew told the priest that he has to go home already. Fr. Dylan, concerned for the kid’s safety, offered Dylan Matthew a ride home. While driving, Fr. Dylan thought about Taylor, how she might be, whether she and Justin already have kids and if ever he’s gonna meet his last ‘human’ love ever again. After arriving at Dylan Matthew’s house, the boy thanked the priest and told him to wait for a while because he’d like to show him his mother’s picture. Fr. Dylan agreed and so, Dylan Matthew hurried his way inside. He took the picture beside his bed, as well as his mother’s diary, which he keeps under his pillow. He showed Fr. Dylan the picture, and the priest stood froze with shock and sadness. Tears were uncontrollably trickling down on his face as he felt the boy’s small hand patting his back. Dylan Matthew gave the priest his face towel and asked why he was crying. Fr. Dylan told the boy that he knew his mother very well because she was the very last woman he has loved. Dylan Matthew took out the diary and told the priest that he may be the one his mother kept on mentioning in her entries. Fr. Dylan stopped crying and asked the boy if he can borrow the diary. Dylan Matthew handed the diary to Fr. Dylan. The priest thanked the boy and he promised to return it very soon. Dylan Matthew gave the priest a hug and said goodbye. Fr. Dylan was driving back to the church when he flipped the diary open and began to read the first entry. Unfortunately, a cargo truck was speeding by and it collided with the priest’s car. A few minutes after, the incident appeared on the news. Dylan Matthew, who was eating dinner, turned the TV’s volume louder. The reporter said that this case was something he had never seen before and that what happened was unbearable. The cameraman took the video in an angle that clearly showed the entire scene. Dylan Matthew, upon recognizing the car, hurried to the site and saw how the priest was positioned—crucifix necklace was broken and held tightly by one hand, diary opened a Results of the autopsy state that the priest did let go of the steering wheel and set the car to full speed. This was supported by the video from Anaheim’s Traffic Department. Dylan Matthew cried heavily while holding on to the priest’s cold hands. He has realized that the priest truly loved his mother more than his father ever did. Before leaving, he kissed the priest’s necklace, kept it in his pocket and fixed the priest’s hands on his mother’s diary.


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