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Music is more than the sound out of a horn it is a goal and a dream
        Have you ever achieved something that you thought you could never do? Like drive a car, get your dream job, or date the person you have been crushing on since second grade. That feeling of joy, excitement, and shock of what you just accomplish. The feeling of your first home run; the cheers from the crowd. That is the feeling I get each time I learn a new song, all ones at competitions, and knowing that I achieved that goal through hard work.

        See playing music is my favorite thing. The long hours, all the after school practices, and all the foot ball games.Just to play three songs that gets you trophies at a big competition in A-town Al., or gets you a trip to see the Capitol of the U.S.A. To know that you went beyond setting a goal to achieving it.

        In music they are many goals; first to learn the music... then the steps. Next is to make all ones competing. The last one is the most important to me. That is to know you did it, and that the music was harder that last year's. The band is growing and friends are there to help. Struggles are made, and people who lost their love for it quit.

        They really and truly is not away to tell a story with this goal ;because, it happens every year. New  things and people. And every time the story will be told differently by the person. An achievements like this has to be felt not told. Because; I can tell you all the things that happens and you will never be able to feel the joy, wonders, and scariness of it. This is like scoring a goal; you can always explain it, but people can never know how this one achievement change your life in someways.

        Music is a goal most people will never try. That is sad because they will never experience the joy and love I have for music. 
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