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by Niase
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A special letter to my late mother & to all mothers who have left behind loved ones.
"A real mother is the most wonderful person in the world, She's the angel voice that bids you good night, kisses your cheek, whispers, "Sleep tight" ..........Your Mother & Mine- Peter Pan

Dear Mum when darkness threatens to overwhelm me and when times get harder I wonder how you felt when you held me in your loving, eager arms. I wonder how your day was when I cried my way into the world to be a part of your life. I wish I knew right there and then what life had in store for you and me.

Dear Mum I wish you could hold me now and hush my tears away. Mum I think about you telling me all the secrets of life and guiding me through the bumpy roads of womanhood. I wish you could tell me how I made you feel when I looked at you with my toothless baby smile. I wish there was a way for me to hear you laugh over a story I told you. I really need you to see the good in me when no one else does. I wish you were here to shield me from all that is evil and harmful like you always did.

Dear Mum I dream about the warmth of your bosom under my weary head, how the softness of your arms belied their true strength. I want to smell the motherhood in you that I never did from a missed opportunity.

Dear Mum I always hope that you know all this and more. And that you are the conscious that lives within me, I pray fervently that you are that same unknown force that protects me from misfortune, and I know your prayers are the only blessings that help me get through every day of my life.

Dear Mum I wish all this and so much more..
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