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by Zach
Rated: ASR · Novella · Sci-fi · #1700861
Second chapter of my semi-apocalyptic dystopian vision of the future.

         I wake up at dawn every day; without electricity, I need all the daylight I can get. I used to have a solar panel, but not anymore. I woke up one morning and I found it smashed to pieces. In 2039, when The Network started the conversation tracker, it was decided that personal power supplies were superfluous. I know all of this because up until that point, the city's wireless internet connection still functioned. After 2039, however, the city's wifi hotspot was deactivated. I haven't had any contact with the outside world since.

         The one positive thing that has come about since The Network was created, is that there are no more wars. Mind you, that's just because nobody will go outside. The only reason to go out nowadays is to go to the nearest Omni-Ink filling station.

         People are leaving their houses less and less. The last time I saw someone was probably a month ago, they had enough Omni-Ink with them to last a year. There were three of them, they were towing a gas powered car with their segways. There hasn't been an oil supply in many years.

         The last things I printed before I ran out of ink were an induction coil and a battery. The battery was supposed to carry a charge for a year or more, but that was at least ten years ago. The battery should be able to power my computer for about an hour. All I need to do is find a high-voltage power line and get close enough to start charging the induction coil. Once the coil is charged, I discharge the electricity into the battery. It's a slow, dangerous process, and when you're near high-voltage power lines, there's nothing to hide behind. I used to get really nervous that somebody would show up, but not anymore. Nobody ever goes this far away from the city.

         By the time I complete charging the battery, it's well past midday. I have to hurry back before sundown. Since I've been living alone, I've been getting in very good shape. Normally, I would have gone to catch something for dinner, but today was all for the power. A person can survive four to six weeks without any food. Going outside every day in the scorching sun shortens that to about three weeks. Without water, in this heat, dehydration ensues in about a day.

         The shielded jumpsuit I wear to go outside is sticky with sweat, and reeks from not being washed. I only have one suit, and I can't go outside without it on. The only way to wash anything is in the river, which is about an hour's walk from my shack. In the corner of my abode, are three large glass jugs. Only one of them has any water. I take a small cracked plastic bowl from the cupboard and pour a drink. I have no viable way to carry the water when I'm out, the container I used to carry water in is probably in the ocean by now. I dropped it in the river during a water run a couple months ago, so now I have to make the two hour trek to the river to refill the jugs without refreshment. The water is brown and hot, but without it, I'd be dead by now.

         With the light around me fading, I am forced to wait until tomorrow to boot up my computer. The screen is color e-ink. Low power usage, but I'd need a light to see it. I unstring my bow and lie down on the bed. I place my hunting knife on the floor in front of me. You can never be too careful. I close my eyes to sleep.
© Copyright 2010 Zach (zipcodeman at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1700861