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by Niase
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A short story about an angry woman.
‘If Truth Be Told’

A wheel comes off a moving car right before Tiana’s eyes. Thankfully she was on the other lane. She hit the accelerator and zoomed past. She was not going to let a highway drama get in the way of absolute mayhem that she planned to unleash on her unsuspecting husband. She was a woman on a mission from hell. She didn’t care that traffic was going to get crazy because of one lousy wheel.
Somewhere in her mind a tiny voice tried to reason with her. Maybe, maybe he was telling the truth. But that tiny voice was crushed by her volcanic temper. She was blinded by her rage.  She knew she had a problem. A Court does not rule anger management therapy for every Tom, Dick and Harry. But her reckless rage was eating her away. She felt murderous. She had to do something and fast.

She arrived still in a daze and all she thought was that he wasn’t home. He always left a light on and she always switched all lights off. In her angry daze she failed to notice the lights in the guest room. She sprinted through the rear of the garden and into the shed. After half an hour she stood back a mile away while watching her marital home ablaze; all the memories and all the lies burning away with it.

The fire calmed her. She wanted to laugh and cry. Instead of satisfaction all she felt was deflated. Finally her anger didn’t make sense to her. She had used up all her energy and emotions. Clarity was dawning a tad bit too late. Maybe she should have…. Her anguished thoughts were interrupted by the beep of her phone. A text message; it was him. “ The kids are at home with your mum. They were sound asleep when I left, had to rush to this late meeting. U know the one I told you abt.  Hope trip back was good. Will talk to you in a bit. Love, D.”

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