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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Sci-fi · #1701544
The beginning of a series, inspired and adapted from the internet machinima, RvB.
Our Attempt At RVB Episode 1: Pilot

Red Team:
William - Lincoln - Armor Red
Shanise - Rose - Armor Pink
Justin - Johnson - Armor Maroon

Blue Team:
Anthony - Innes - Armor Sage
Chris - Leeroy - Armor Blue
Carter - Dex - Armor Teal

(Blue Team in the cave)

Innes: CHARGE!!!!!

(Blue Team Charges, Dex running backwards, all get shot by off-screen tank)

(Back to Blue Team)

Innes: That won’t happen.

Leeroy: What won’t happen?

Innes: None of your damn business!

Leeroy: Back to the point, let’s seize this base!

(Innes looks outside cave)

Innes: Hey, why’s that base painted blue?

(cut to red base, getting a call from blue base saying painting order was wrong)

Lincoln: DAMN, at least we don’t have any real blues coming.

(Back to cave)

Leeroy: I don’t know, let’s do this thing!

Innes: Wa-wa-wa-wa-watch this, there’s a red just standing there.

(Innes shoots red in face, there’s a loud noise)

Leeroy: Dude that shit is loud.

Innes: Dex, I thought I told you to put a silencer on this damn thing?

Dex: Doi?

Leeroy: Damn, this is stupid, can I please switch teams?

Innes: Oh, you wanna switch red, cause y’know I’m supposed to destroy all reds and I’m the one with the sniper in my hands, so you might not wanna switch teams yet.

Leeroy: Fine, fine, fine.

Dex: Doi, doi, doi.

Innes: Not you Dex, you can switch anytime.

Leeroy: Hurry up with this shit, I wanna shoot somebody!

(cut to red base)

Rose: Hey, you ever wonder why we’re here?

Lincoln: Well, I only joined up because my girlfriend cheated on me with my sister.

(everyone stares at Lincoln)

Johnson: Sucks to be you.

Lincoln: I know, I know.

(cuts to blues outside cave)

Dex: I HATE RABIES!!!!!!

Leeroy: Oh fuck this. Leerrroooyyy Jjeeennnkiins.

Innes: Oh jeez, stick to the plan, stick to the plan!
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