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Letter to editor published a few years ago.
I just finished reading the Dec. 3 “Dueling diva” column, and I had to write and express my utter outrage at Ms. Hinsey’s misguided and ill-informed opinion as to what does or does not constitute rape.
I had hoped that attitudes such as hers towards this particular subject had gone the way of the dinosaur, but unfortunately, as Ms. Hinsey makes all too abundantly clear, this is not the case.
According to her outmoded and erroneous way of thinking, it’s only rape if the woman either (a) protests “loudly and vehemently” enough or (b) puts up a good fight. I have news for Ms. Hinsey---the laws that define rape are most definitely applicable in this case (Y&R’s Paul and Christine), and I thank goodness that the day is long gone when the victim of a rape had to prove that they had indeed struggled forcefully against their assailant. Back in the bad old days, a woman had to be either beaten to within an inch of her life, or dead, for her claim to be taken seriously. The laws back then were indeed slanted in favour of the rapist, but as guest columnist Michael Logan pointed out, things have changed over the past few decades, and now such things as spousal and acquaintance rape are recognized for what they are; brutal, ugly crimes, perpetrated against women who were most decidedly not “asking for it”.
In short, I am writing to express my indignation that someone who should know better is perpetuating what Mr. Logan rightfully refers to as a “potentially deadly misconception”. It’s especially unfortunate that this twisted view is being promulgated by a woman, but then again, considering that Ms. Hinsey has written in her own column that she wished GH’s AJ had just “clocked” Carly during one of their many arguments, I guess I really shouldn’t have expected any better from her. I am disappointed however, that your magazine, which I enjoy greatly and have purchased faithfully every week ever since you first began publication, should lend credence to Ms. Hinsey’s dangerously misleading twaddle by printing it in the first place.

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