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Families survive, while crisis economics rules at the edge of chaos!

  If ever there was a ‘Housework is Hell’ poster-child, it was Cinderella.                                                                              Cinderella's household experience presages a new form of family.   

In the 21st Century, the family is adapting, under severe stress, to the power of global corporations. In a way, we are all Cinderellas born into high stress families and enmeshed in corporate society. Cinderella's Housework attempts an analysis of and solution to “Crisis Economics.”  For better or worse, families foster the “family values” of global corporate society. This book is an attempt to humanize family struggle and mitigate the core problem of inadequate family support. Consider that the human family and the global economy now exist “at the edge of chaos.”

“Family” and “family income” are examined as the engine of the global economy. This book provides an analysis and  program for repairing the global economy that now malfunctions precariously in crisis mode. “Family” is the root of human change and progress. Since there were human households it has been our lot to live in the turmoil of endless human and environmental transformation.

  It is suggested that “Crises Economics and Low Family Income” result from irresponsible corporations disastrously changing the global environment. Humanity survives arctic and desert extremes. The human family rebounds from plagues that halve the population. The 21st Century question is, Can the human family survive corporate globalization and the resulting Crises Economics?

The family household produces people and therefore humanity. This is the existential reality hiding in plain sight. It is therefore appropriate to consider “family and housework” in the most comprehensive and inclusive way. In this regard, both subjective and physical aspects of “family” are examined. Political-economy in the 21st Century must consider the dilemma of the human family in terms of energy budgets, as well as income and expenditure budgets.

To humanize family housework, sections from the unpublished documentary novel Breeders are used throughout Cinderella's Housework. Breeders is a work in progress, based on a tribal family of livestock breeders as they adapt over hundreds of years.

What's this book all about? My wife said to me, “Look at the goulash your writing...you've got everything in your book but the kitchen sink. You have stories about moonshine...commentaries about Cinderella and children stories...Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Along with some serious economic analysis, you've shoved speculative physics and philosophy. Also, you weave in genetics, computer networking and coding theory.

Pauli, you've become a regular Jeremiah, a prophet of doom and destruction...going on about the 21st Century Economic Crisis and an era of Crises Economics...living at the edge of chaos...the space-race captured by the global corporations to expand their profits into the stars...planning for the next global extinction. Well, you do provide some provocative solutions...I'll give you that. Are you writing a book or an encyclopedic time capsule?

You didn't forget about evolutionary determinism...ancient religion, tribalism...cannibalism, incest, food, auto and drug industries...health and diet ideas...global terrorism...cosmic energy...political economy...marriage and divorce law. Did I miss anything? A better question is, Did you miss anything? So with all the stuff you've got in book, how do you connect the dots? You give the impression that everything is about family.”

“Now you've got it...yes, that's the whole point...the connecting thread. Its all about family. ”Family” IS about everything and everything is about family,” I replied.

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