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by Lashae
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This is a bit more personal to who i really am.
I've Been Broken, But Not Like This
By: Lovelylashae
         My dad left me when I was only five. He came back then left again. He left over and over again, and when he came back I felt even worse. Him trying to get back into my life.And everytime. Every single time. I let him back into my heart, he left. Each time he left fewer and fewer pieces of my heart were broken. I'm nothing like my friends. They all have full families. A father, a mother, and sometimes they have siblings. But me. All I have is a mom. A mom who to me is both a mom and a friend. For their birthdays. They got money, gift cards, stuff like that. But for my birthday. I got stupid court files. Yes, on my birthday my dad decided it would be a great present to give. Along with 5 dollars. In quarters. “Mom, do you know how ridculos and pathetic this is? He sent me court files and five bucks. He wants to gain custody over me on my birthday. Whats for Christmas? Adoption forms?” My mom just sighed and looked at me. “Child, there is no possible way for him to get custody over you. Not with him leaving you all the time. Plus all your clothes cost more than he get paid.” I shook my head. “That is sad. How is supposed to take care of me. I don't even know if has a family of his own. And what if he get tired of me and leaves me? What i'm supposed to do?” The phone rang. “I have to call your social worker and a laywer.” I sighed looking at the phone. It was my so called “father”. “Hello.....ya not such a happy birthday over here, how do you even know my birthday. You certaintly weren't there when I was born........Whatever. I hope you know you're gonna lose this case........Of course I got the stupid court files.........You thnk that it would be better for me? How?.......When has my mom EVER hurt me.If she has, it was little nothing big like the mess you casued........ Dude just hang up. Don't talk to me until we go to court.” My mom just stared at me she knows I act like this towards him but see can never get over the fact that I do. He hurt me. That's something nobody will understand..
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