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by charmy
Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #1702095
Maybe the first ever Darkwing Duck Fan fiction on writers.com. I feel honored.
                                  Darkwing Duck:

                                    Canard in Crimson Part #1  By Charmy

                                Created by Tad Stones

                For Flapping Terror.com : Thanks to Melisa for putting this story on her site

          Time: 7:00 am  Place: Drake Mallard's House.

        Drake Mallard just got to sleep...Having that he was Darkwing a few seconds ago. With no trouble, he got to sleep after ariving back from his battle with Quackerjack. He rested his head down, thinking pleasant thoughts, and slowly persuing peacefull slumber......He hearsa noise outside but chooses to ignore it.

        Time: 7:01 am


      " DAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!"

At that Drake sprang out of his sleeping spot on the couch SCREAMING.

" WHAT!? WHO??!? WHERE??!? AND WHY?!?!...AND WHO NOT?!??" he screamed.

His vision finaly cleared and he saw before him a short Duck like creature with a Blue torso that has the number one one it. It had red hair, and Green eyes. She has strange feet, looked like....Oh..It's only Gosalyin. ( Sorry )

" DAD! LOOK OUTSIDE!!" She said.

" this had better be good...." responded the tired father

Gosalyin and Drake went outside to see the most peculiar thing ever. St.canard was Hued! Primaried! The color of passion! In other words, it was RED....

" What?!? Why is the entire town Red?" asked Drake, but as he steps out he sees a huge shadow that over him. He looked up before he think, * SPLAT!!!*

He too was covered in Red!  "Paint..... I can only compare this to something that I have'ent even experianced, Gos..." He said

" You mean a vicious criminial clown taking over the city with huge eletric enduced balloon animals and a lion with Eel breath?"

" What??!"

" Sorry, it's the sweets talking."

".....Anyway, lets take a sample of this red paint and get to the hideout so i can analize it!'

    Time 7:39  Place: The Bay bridge

      Darkwing put the sample of paint into his analasis computer and came up with one result, " It's just paint?! No super tiny nano-bots that tear up atoms, no sickness that wasa created inside a lab?!?"

" No relation to the clown and the lion?" Said Gosalyin.

" Gosalyin, enough about the Clown and his Eletric Balloons. Maybe if i can put more requests into the Analasis computer, then I can tell where this pain was dropped from!"

Gosalyin was about to say something-

" One more thing about the Clown and I lower your allowance!!!!"


" Well according to the computer, the paint was dropped from a satallite belonging to

F.O.W.L*!" Concluded Darkwing.

(* F.O.W.L stands for  the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny for you newbies.)

" Im off to S.H.U.S.H centeral to-"

Then the Thunder quack messager from S.H.U.S.H came in with a message about the samething.

" Oh..Well then, Im Just OFF to S.H.U.S.H central then."

      Time: 3:08 pm  Place: a S.H.U.S.H rocket.

  Darkwing, along with Launchpad, explaned the whole situation to J. Gander Hoover and were quickly put on a rocketship to the satalite.

( From the intercom)" Darkwing, due to our involvement with another organization to keep the planet enviormentaly stable, we will launch you into space with a different motive." said J.Gander.

" And what would that be J.Gander? Solar powered thrusters?" said Darkwing

" No, a HUGE rubber band, good luck boys!"


The rubber band sling shoted Darkwing and launchpad to the sky!

After twelve minutes of soaring, the satalite was visable. It was in the shape of a huge bowling ball and had the F.O.W.L logo on it.

The only problem was that the velocity of the elastic band that launched them had very few air resistance causing the rocket to accelarate to a high velocity and cause a collision course with the sphereical shaped contraption, and would cause much damage......In other words... THEY'RE GONNA CRASH!!!!!


Hurt, but not affected, Darkwing ang L.P. got out of the rocket and took a look around the room untill the stepped on a loose tile, which did nothing, then they stepped on a red button and were automaticaly strapped on to a gurdy.

" Welcome my friends.... welcome to what used to be, F.O.W.L's satalite! Now it belongs to me!......" said a voice in the shadows.

" Who's There?!?!?!" Yelled Dark.

" Oh! Hav'ent we meet before? It's me. N.D"

" (Psst...) Launchpad, who's N.D?"

" IDIOT!!! It's me!  Negaduck......."

To be continued......
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