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She could sense the spiritual, unearthly elements around her.
PUBLISHED at The Devil Inside, by S.E.Cox, a WEbook writing community member, September 2008

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She helped people in their most diverse spiritual problems. They would learn about her through their friends and call her for an "appointment." She wasn't a fortune teller or a gypsy; she was a medium and a powerful one. Auxiliadora could hear, sense, feel and smell the spiritual, unearthly elements around her and differentiate between the evil ones and the good ones. She had never done any courses or studied spirituality much; she just knew it, it was simply inside of her spirit and mind, her past and present, she knew about "things", plain and simple.

Of course she had read many books about Spiritualism and consequently understood more the powers and knowledge within her and which were given to her free of choice. When she was a child she wouldn't play with dolls, instead she would ghost whisper; when she was older, she wouldn't go to Carnival parties or Brazilian rock shows with her friends in Copacabana beach because she would see the darkest, meanest and creepiest spiritual forms ever... attaching to a person's aura and mumbling words of anger into the person's soul, ordering them to do bad things --- commanding them to become evil by constant repetition.

Obsession was the most common type of attack by the dark, negative spirits nowadays. They wouldn't let go until you went crazy or did something wrong and where, the obsessor - a spirit that perturbs and is generally considered as an inferior, earthbound entity - would get his final revenge! Our misfortunes were their objective and happiness. Oh those poor restless, errand, unhappy souls... so full of morbid, vicious, degrading objectives which were only to see our total and complete ruin and our death before our "time line".

We have a programmed time to live on this planet. It's the Cosmic Universal Force all around us that determines it together with other forces far beyond our comprehension or faith. It's all written and decided --- we are the ones that "erase" it sometimes. Of course, through our free will and other major decisions, we can change our fate, our destiny, for the better or for the worst (generally we choose the worst - and Auxiliadora often wondered why). If we changed our time line or our years to live in this world by suicide or any other voluntary type of death, we were to be without any "credit" in the higher levels and domains and condemned to live in darker regions... until we understood what we had done to life itself and to the superior energy forces.

Life... given to us in the form of a most precious gift but gift which we do not see... Life... the breathing deep, the living, the heart beating and the blood flowing and having the most perfect machine of all - our body. We rarely saw the simplest of things. Too obsessed in ourselves.

We must remember that we have to be careful with what we think about or where we go to; who are our friends, avoid bad habits, we need to be vigilant and help others the most we can and change our fate by goodness. But... why was it so difficult for us to be... good? Why did we always choose... not to be good? Or simply do good things? Was it easier to be bad? Was it harder to be good? Or was it that by not being good, you were less vulnerable? Why did we, in most cases, often decide not to be good? How strange of us. She had read everything she could about the many "spiritual things." She had gone to séances, participated of Ouija board meetings, felt, seen and spoken to presences and ghosts; had seen moving tables and chairs and worked with materialization and ectoplasm - which looked like fog or smoke in the ghost pictures we see, and she knew that it was the presence of a spirit or an energy. She knew about poltergeists and ghostly manifestations, orbs, vortexes, and apparitions.

She had gone to both Umbanda and Quimbanda spiritual centers, knew about the 7 magic forces of spiritual powers, about voodoo (and the strongest voodoo was from Haiti); she knew about haunting, levitation, about Eshus, Pomba Giras and black candle Offerings in Crossroads. She knew everything possible to know about these unearthly and spiritual matters of the soul.

They called her a Wicca, a ghost whisperer, a sorcerer, a witch but she was just a Medium - she could incorporate dead people's souls inside of her and let them speak through her, using her body as a tool for communication. She could "see" too, help. She could handle about almost anything and was known to have saved obsessed souls, exorcised demons, "cleaned" houses, found evil (cold) spots in homes, brought peace to the departed by sending them toward the spiritual world - and with this knowledge thus acquired, it would naturally affect their conduct in the Crossover. It is generally hoped that the discarnate spirits, in making known their condition, would also indicate the means of attaining to salvation and progressing --- spiritually, by a continuous evolution in the other world, to a higher plane of existence and spiritual happiness. If one did not believe in Reincarnation what would be of our soul's salvation into eternity, Auxiliadora often thought.

One evening, she was urgently requested to assist a distressed baby in a distant, poorer neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, near the dangerous Esqueleto slum. A friend of a friend of a friend needed her help.

The baby was nearly one month old, had had a very difficult birth, had nearly died, and was now crying day and night; while breastfeeding, the little boy would constantly choke. The mother was hysterical, the father, nearly mad. The local doctor couldn't find any problems and was helpless. The parents couldn't sleep, eat and rest and the baby was certainly... dying. They begged for her assistance. They had done everything they could. Auxiliadora was their last chance.

She took a long, warm bath with sea salt and white rose petals, did her usual incense protection and prayed for the Good Spirits to help her in this one more mission of her life. She had seen so much. While leaving her home she nearly forgot her precious hand mirror! Wicca's used potions and candles, witches used brooms and black cats, wizards used magic forces and mind power but she, Auxiliadora, used an antique, small, golden hand mirror. She could handle almost “anything” with her precious mirror and with her "knowledge".

When the child’s parents opened the door she heard a long, fearful crying coming from the room and they took her to the baby’s room. They thanked her for coming from so far and told her that the baby was very tired, pale, dehydrated, always scared about something and maybe... dying. The parents held her hands and begged her for help. Anything... anything you want from us but help our baby, please. She said she worked in the name of love, she mostly helped the dead, not so much the living... but it somehow affected both, and she wanted nothing from them.

She would help but they had to leave the room, her only request, she needed to be alone. They thanked her and left, crying and hopeful. Save our baby, they whispered before closing the door. Help him, let him live. Give him a chance... he is so little, so good, so innocent.

She immediately felt the presence and she felt a chilly coldness on the back of her neck. She heard the noises - deep, mean moans, complaints, screams. She smelled the air. She smelled the putrid odor of rotten flesh. She sensed its evilness, its anger, its vindictive revenge; the creditor toward the debtor... Oh, the many obsession cases... but this one was somehow different... it was somehow too strong for her, too wicked for her to comprehend, to manage easily as she normally did before.

The malignant force was beyond her comprehension and spiritual capacity, she thought with exasperation, frustration, and a little bit of impatience. How would she handle it? She had never sensed this type of force before - moreover, involving an infant! Generally the obsessor takes many years until it detects its debtor in a human form. But not in the case of this poor baby - the creditor had detected the baby immediately and it was hungrily attacking it.  That lost soul does not see it as a sweet baby but sees its debtor's previous human spiritual shape and all it did to it in the past - and it only wanted to kill the baby and it was succeeding.

She cautiously looked up and she saw the monster... floating above the baby, near the ceiling. Oh It was sucking the entire baby's remaining vital force. She screamed in shock. She became horrified. She screamed again, covering her mouth with both hands, trembling. She was really afraid; terrified. She knew... she knew... Oh No! Not this! I can't handle this. The creature was dark and round – no, it was something that was shaped like an egg but it wasn’t. It made noises and grunted; it was centralized in its own fate and lived of its own hate. It thought nothing more. It wanted nothing more but revenge and the revenge was consuming it but at the same time it was maintaining its existence. She knew now that she was dealing with an... Ovoid - a dark gray and black, oval-shaped spiritual "vampire", glued to the little thin baby through long, black and gray lines - spiritually connected to the child's abdomen. It was sucking and draining the little baby’s energy and becoming a real spiritual energy zapper, subsisting on its remaining spiritual light - a deadly parasite. It was slowly killing the child. She could hear the monster’s laughs, and whispers. Ooh God!!! She had to leave! She had to go away right now. Not this! She couldn't deal with that evil force, with that evil tyrant! She had to go! Now! She didn't know and didn't want to know how to deal with it. Not this horrible thing! Escape, run, and go. Now!

The baby looked at her... tired, scared, sobbing as if begging for help; as if reading her mind! He stretched out his little arms to her... took a deep breath and relaxed – maybe knowing, sensing that she would help, pick him up; embrace him, protect him from this mad world full of monsters, and injustice. She could feel the baby’s slow, tired respiration. She held the crib with both hands, tightly, until her fingers became white. She stood there… staring at the baby. He had a soft look, pale skin, delicate features, so fragile, so innocent. When she was about to touch the baby, the monster uttered a moan, so deep, that she froze – knowing that if she dared touch his possession, she would suffer the consequences. She swore she read… his mind. She knew he was reading hers. She didn't look at the baby again. She could handle almost anything but she couldn't handle this Ovoid - and if she did... the spell would turn against its sorcerer!

Moreover, she couldn't use her powerful mirror - she usually put it in front of the lost soul's eyes and it would see its inhuman, deformed shape and horrible condition and then it would give in, cry, understand and willingly accept to change but not Ovoids, they can't see, they have no eyes; their obsession is so strong that they compress their souls into a mass, an elliptical-shaped spiritual creature of darkness floating over us and following us everywhere we went – no way out… in this lifetime.

She could not and would not even attempt to interfere with it or it would certainly be her end, it was like suicide. Impossible. She would not do this. Too late. It was too late! She had read about Ovoids once... and knew about its unlimited evilness.

Sadly, she left the baby in the room and closed the door. He was crying softly now, exhausted. He barely moved. She heard a long, revengeful laugh coming from the room and the parents heard it for the first time, too. She told them what she had seen. She could not help, she didn't know how to help, she was so sorry... it was much too strong for her, much too powerful, a too recent "from the past" issue for her to handle or interfere "in the present". She explained that the physical removal of the host from the baby's spirit was impossible. It would be necessary to erect occult wards and barriers in order to achieve this separation. It was impossible to destroy the spirit vampire and this drastic course of action was rarely successful. She told them about stillborn babies which were the result of spiritual vampire attacks; and some obsessions, suicides, and some cases of mental illnesses: all Ovoids! The temptations were all around us.

They would find you, detect your thoughts, connect to you, suck your energy, and finally --- kill you. They'd come from your past and from your bad actions, from your "hurting" somebody in a past life and who could not and would not forgive and forget you. She was crying.  She apologized. She couldn't help their baby and their baby wouldn't have a chance, it was too late.

She wanted to leave, go away but the parents pulled her hand, asked her to try again. They were desperate. Please. She bit her lip hard in order to be strong. She went to the door without looking back and left. She never looked back. The night swallowed her.

The parents screamed in horror and pain when they entered their little baby's room. She could hear the pain from the sidewalk. She knew that the baby was dead. She felt nothing. She wanted to forget that house. She wanted to forget her actions. She hadn’t been honorable but sometimes you have to be protective of yourself.

The moment she left the house, a small, light gray, hateful, unfortunate, revengeful and unforgiving little Ovoid, came out of the house, recognized her, floated over her head and quickly attached itself to Auxiliadora's invisible aura... becoming her spiritual vampire. She stopped, felt a sudden chill all over her body but thought of nothing more, walking away. She was much too obsessed and disturbed with her own thoughts.

It was too soon for her to feel it. Too early... yet it knew "things" already, and it knew inside its oval darkness who she was and what she had done to him. It knew that soon the opportunity would come for it to finally connect to her spiritual energy.

It just knew it. It was simply inside of its spirit and mind, its past and present. It "knew", plain and simple. It understood all the unknown things now. She did not help him. Very, very soon. It could wait. It would learn. It had time. It had all the time in the world now... the "baby" whispered to itself while it laughed scornfully. Soon!

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