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Well its the beginning of my novel
Dark Beauty


Life like dreams that are real, soft and hallow slumber; breathing ever so lightly. The Northwestern winds whisper my name. Cold breathe up and down my neck; dreaming of the time we spent together, how I wish those memories would be back. The first time we kissed, the first time we danced and the first time you told me you loved me. I don’t want the dawn to come. I am peacefully sleeping knowing I am safe.

I quietly lay in the dark, damp room of my predator’s basement. I hear him unlock my door. “Kristi, I brought you dinner,” his voice barely loud enough. I get up and the rattle of my chains grabs his attention. His name is Nick, he is twenty years old. He is also African American. He has a big build, strong and he has soft curly hair. His eyes are as dark as dark chocolate. My name is Kristina Kelli Killmore. My skin is soft cotton white. My eyes are a caramel brown; my hair the color of ebony wood.

“Kristi are you awake?” Nick asked as he shook the cage where I am inhabited to. “Yes I am master I am awake,” I mumble. He turns on a light. “Ugh,” I groan feebly. “Here is your dinner Kristi,” he comes into the cage. I nod once for a ‘thank you’. He sits on my cot after he walks into the cage. “Honey I am going to bring you to the doctor’s. I bet they have been waiting for you,” Nick unlocks the chain around my neck. Then he unlocks the cuff around my right wrist so I can eat. I open the McDonalds bag that reads ‘Dollar Menu’. Cheapskate; I open the cheeseburger’s wrapper. “After dinner I am going to take you to the doctor’s you are losing weight again, also I made you an appointment,” he strokes my face softly. I barely speak when he is trying to get me to behave. I set the half eaten cheeseburger back in its wrapper. I take a large drink of soda.

“Are you ready Kristi? Here put these on,” he tosses me a white tank top and a pair of light blue jean shorts. He placed sunglasses on the cot. “Are the sunglasses to hide the dark circles around my eyes?” I ask in a feeble tone? I have been cold and numb since I woke up this morning. I get dressed in front of him. He smiles in a sick way. After I’ve stayed with him for three years I don’t seem to mind. I am 15 years old. “As I said I see you are losing weight again. I’ll need to stalk up on food again. You need to gain more weight,”

Nick ties a scarf around my neck so no one sees the marks around my neck caused by the chains. I pull on a sweater that covers my wrist “Nick are you mad at me?” I whisper in a concerned tone. “No… why would you think that baby girl?” he mutters in my ear as he holds me close. I whimper quietly. “Shush… the car is warmed up now,” he takes my hand and we walk outside.

“This doctor will understand the marks on your wrist, ankles and neck. He is one of my closest friends Kristina. He knows about you and everything about you,” He opens the door for me and lightly pushes me in. I grab the seat-belt and put it on. “I love you Kristi,” he gets in the car and pecks me on the cheek. I take and I hate it. “In the summer I am going to take you somewhere warm. You get to meet all my friends, and they all want to meet you Kristi,” I push myself against the car door. “Stop it Kristi. I know you’re hurting but please understand this is for your own good,” he tells me and moves closer. I press harder against the door; isolating myself from him as much as I could. “Backseat seat now Kristina!” he shouts. Nick opens his door and rushes to mine. He pulls me by my left arm and tosses me into the backseat.

“Never disrespect me Kristi. Don’t you know I am not the nicest guy around?” he smiles sickly and hand cuffs me to the door. I whimper quietly and he unzips my shorts and takes off my shirt… all the pain lasted for two hours.

“Hello we have an appointment with Dr. TJ.” Nick hands them the postcard for proof. “He’ll be with you soon hon.” the lady at the front desk tells me in her shrill voice. Great a stuck up little twit! A half hour feels like days as people stare at me. “Aston?” T.J’s nurse calls Nick’s last name.

“Hello Nick and Kristina, how are you two doing?” T.J asks us. “I am doing well.” Nick smiles. “And miss Killmore?” T.J looks at me. I shake my hand for an if-y response. “I see.” T.J grabs my hand gently and guides me to the scale. “Just uh, stand um there…” T.J stutters. I take off my jacket and shoes; Nick takes the jacket and leaves my shoes by the scale. T.J adjusts the scale to match my weight. “Eighty-five and four ounces class: underweight…” T.J scratches down my weight. Then he measures to see how tall I am. “Five one.” he jots quickly. “Okay let’s go to the examination room, if you two will follow me.” T.J guides us to the white room.

“There you go Kristi,” T.J props me onto the exam table. I look at him and he smiles. “Now calm down Kristina, this will not hurt.” T.J does a normal checkup and he takes blood. “We are just going to take a look at your iron and oxygen intake.” T.J fills a little vile with the ruby red liquid. Nick holds my hand and I squeeze it. I have a major blood phobia. “It’s okay Kristina…” Nick whispers to me. I sigh and bite my lower lip. “Okay we are almost done.” T.J shudders.

“You did very well Kristina…” T.J comments as he shows me the vile. I look at him so frozen. Nick clears his throat. “Well she and I must get going. Thanks T.J.”
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