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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Teen · #1702241
this is a series of the struggles of a young girl.
What the hell was going on?!? Its not everyday your mom and dad start screaming on top of their voices, and you try to act as if nothing happened and continue to do your homework. But in my life "not everyday" meant every second day. My pen was in my hand and i kept looking at my parents one at a time.... Dad pulled my mom into the room and slammed the door. I stood up abruptly when my teacher told me to sit down and to think that I actually forgot that he was here. i off course, being the good girl that i am, listened to him and sit down, but was still looking at the door.
Mom came out and i could see she was very tearful. She came and stood next to me trying not to look at my sir.
"If he even touches you, I will kill him," i quietly said to her... The only reply i heard were tiny sniffs. "He's a bastard," i tried to tell her. GOD!! I keep reminding her as if she doesn't know!

She's slowly heading back in there. And she closes the door. The door bell rings and i get up to open the door... it was the maid. She came in and my mother opened the door suddenly, "If you hit me i am not coming inside." she said calmly to my dad.
My dad then looked at me and all i could see was pure evil. What i thought then was worse i assume. I told my self that if my dad lays one finger at my mom i will beat the crap out of him. Then i thought that his legs are the weakest so i'll grab his hands and twist them and then kick his knee and when his head his down ill put my knee up..... i know i know !! Very very bad. I mean what kind of a daughter am i?? Well i am one that loves her mother more than herself for sure.

Dad was angry. He couldn't hit mom because i was there. My teacher just left. And the neighbors were next door. He took the door in his hands and started banging himself on the head. He pushed the table over and hit himself with his hands. he slapped his cheek, banged his knuckles, kicked his legs and eventually he started crying. Moaning more like it. He collapsed onto the sofa where he was bawling and me and mom were right next to him cradling him in our hand, "its gonna be all right." we kept saying.
I thought men weren't supposed to cry. And i know my dad is embarrassed that he did. Mom cried too and eventually so did I. We all sat their for half an hour just crying about something i don't know. But maybe i learned something from this. that maybe and just maybe my dad has a heart. A tiny one. At least it ended without slamming doors and bad words...
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1702241