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The World Comes To A Halt, Yet At What Cost?

The dawn of a way to extract DNA from both the living and the dead, for use to fuse it with the molecular makeup of nanobytes mirroring the human form. The 29th century brought many technological advances towards the fall of civilization.

Marked the highlight of the famous Dr. Frued Kempfs' career and began the road to his death.

Aug 13, 3011
Dr. Kempf succesfully completes a five year project. He creates a fusion process that extracts and regenerates DNA from both the living and the dead, only to fuse it with the molecular makeup of thousands of nanobytes mirroring the human body. These artificial human beings were not only a perfect mocking of human life and undiscovered but the cyborg, or necro, itself was completely unaware of its mechanical makeup.

Nov 29, 3011
Dr. Kempf begins forging a necro for the United Nations, with world leadership in mind.

Dr. Kempfs' search for the 1st Pope, George Washington, Adolf Hitler, and Martin Luther King Jr. successfully comes to an end and the beginning of the fusion is underway via extraction if DNA from bone samples, recovery, rehabilitation.
Project Samuel James has begun.

3072 unknown date
Dr. Kempf found dead. Project Samuel Jacobs stolen and hidden underground by a religious syndicate. This kept secret by UN.

Messages are sent to the worlds greatest countries:

War is upon us,
every country is an enemy,
Nuclear War Heads are targeting you,
Prove your power to you enemies,
Nov 5, 3250.

~Samuel James

Nov 7, 3250
The largest group project in history begins as countries begin to dig miles beneath the earths surface to rebuild their territories and maintain life as we know it. All space station projects are disregarded and all government facilities are shut down and all nuclear warheads are placed under the responsibility of each countries sole leader.

March 19, 3315
Anarchy has begun to spread disease, Project Infection is set forth by UN. Only the peaceful are allowed to dwell beneath the surface. A group of 37 Nuclear Warheads sprout from the Mediterainian Sea and destroy Russia, Asia, Japan, Australia and other island countries. These Nuclear Warheads were seemingly released by no one, this begins Nuclear Holocaust.

June 29, 3315
97% of the worlds people are killed, the surviving 3% make due with life beneath the surface.

Dec 30, 3402
The population finally begins to increase, yet there seems to be only births of females.

Aug 1, 3402
The Illuminati once again become known for the ritualistic killings of women and children.

Dec 10, 3402
A church is found within a city that seemed to emerge over night, yet beneath the surface it couldn’t possibly have just appeared. The people begin to question life and reality.

Jan 1, 3666
Nuclear Radiation finally subsides, Samuel Jacobs sought after by most only to begin his legacy and reign of Terror.

June 6, 3666
There are no reported live births from this date. Supposed demons walk with humans beneath the earths surface.

July 23, 3666
There are no remains of life beneath the surface, humans begin rebuild their outside world as it should be.

Oct 31, 3679
Samuel Jacobs hires an Illuminati Mercenary to kill off hundreds to start a War.

Dec 25, 3679
Demonology Experts determine the world is being over run by lesser demons and Succubi.
Millions of gallons of blood are shed each night.
The world begins to tear itself apart under Jacobs hand.
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