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This is intended to be a parody of a fairytale.
Once upon a time there was a girl.

The girl had flowing brown hair, pale skin, cherry lips and very green eyes. Everyone remarked upon the girl’s green eyes. But there was a time when the girl’s eyes were greener than ever. They were green because of jealousy.

When the girl with the green eyes was seventeen, love had not pierced her heart. She had never known what it was like to love. However, when she turned eighteen, Cupid saw that she was ready for love and sent the boy with the brown eyes to her.

The boy with the brown eyes came from a foreign land. He had velvety black hair and a charming nature. And he already loved someone else.

But when he met the girl with the green eyes, she mesmerised him and he fell in love with her. And she fell for him right back, no doubt dazzled by his knowledge of computer science and Java.

The girl with the green eyes and the boy with the brown eyes were happy together for a while. Many years passed and they both graduated from University with good degrees.

Eventually the boy with the brown eyes had to return to his home country. He was very sad at leaving his love, but he reminded her that they could keep in touch with each other via Facebook.  This would only be if the boy with the brown eyes’ brother (who was another boy with brown eyes) would let him near his computer.  “We will ring each other every day,” he told her. And so they parted.

The girl with the green eyes missed her lover but tried to concentrate on other things, like navigating the tricky graduate jobs market. She did not forget to ring him every day though.

One day, she received a shock when she rang him as another woman answered his mobile phone, and so she hung up straightaway. In horror, she went to her room and lay upon her bed. This is where jealousy crept upon her and her eyes became greener than ever before.

The boy with the brown eyes could not contact his love as she did not answer his calls. He did not know what he had done wrong. In desperation, he texted her and begged for a response. So she told him what had made her heart turn to stone.

The boy was at pains to explain:  “I was with some friends in a bar. One of them borrowed my phone when I wasn’t looking and must have answered the phone when you rang. You know I would never betray you, my love.” The girl was sceptical but knew there was no reason to not believe him. Therefore jealousy left her and her heart was no longer cold. The boy eventually came back to the girl and they were reunited.

I would like to say they all lived happily ever, but this only happens in fairytales, of course.

The moral of the story: never let your friends get their hands on your mobile phone.

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