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Chapter 2 of my book. Feedback welcome. Cole, the second main character, is introduced.
Chapter 2

Liars Lie

“Your lying to me!” I screamed while slamming my uncle’s screen door. Its weird to know that we’re both Royalty but I live in the castle and he in a run-down apartment. Anyways, how can he lie to me like that? How could he just tell me that he brutally murdered mine and Aislinn’s parents like that and say it like it didn’t matter? How could he? Plus it’s almost impossible to kill a Royal Vampire. Let alone a Vampire King and/or Queen. Only twins and really close family, like me and Aislinn for example, could kill Royal Vampires. But only if you are a Royal Vampire.
I ran.
I ran far.
I went to the only place that no one can find me, with the exception of my sister Aislinn. Potter Hill. No it’s not named after the fictional character, but because eighty percent of the hill is clay that’s used for pottery. That’s why and it’s not a magical hill either. When I got there Aislinn was already there. I know she is going to break down when I tell her.
“Hey Aislinn.” I whispered softly. Aislinn turned around smiling but when she heard what tone I was using she frowned. She knew something was up. How she knew was because when I whispered, it meant I had bad news to tell her.
“Hey Aislinn.” I repeated again in the same tone.
“What?” she replied scared and nervous at the same time.
“Mom and dad are. . .dead.” I whispered. The words barely left my lips when Aislinn broke down. I rushed over to her. Kai didn’t even try to bite me. That snake can’t calm her down, I can and it knows it.
“Hush Midnight.” I said calling her by her worn out nickname. I gave her that nickname because when she got pissed off, she would go to Potter Hill and wouldn’t come back until midnight exactly. No one could find her except me but I would never tell them she was there because of two reasons. One, I love Aislinn. We have a close brother- adoptive sister relationship. Plus she would get pissed off at me and ruin that relationship then she would really run away. Where no one could find her. Not even me. Why would I tell them where she was? And two, when I get pissed off I go to Potter Hill too. So they would find me there when I’m pissed off too and try to drag or persuade me to go back home with them.
“Hush Midnight.” I repeated.
“W-W-Who-o d-d-did-d I-it?” she stuttered out through tears.
“Uncle James” I replied.
“Oh and while were on the subject of him, you have to live with him.” I calmly told her. That set her off.
“WHAT?!?!? I have to live with him? Wait what about you? Don’t you even dare to think about moving out without me!” she screamed at me. Her tears dried up.
“I have to move in with someone else. Permanently. But I won’t leave you with Uncle James for long. After living with Uncle James for three weeks, I’ll come and get you ok?” I assured her while leaving out who I have to live with. Alassandra Jane Tomblin.
A Human girl. My new bride. Joy...Not. I’ll tell Aislinn tomorrow morning. I’ll tell Tarah, my Human girlfriend, the next time I see her. She is like obsessed with me. Honestly, she thinks I want to marry her when I’m eighteen and have kids. I’m only sixteen and no thanks I don’t want Half-Bloods with her. Half-Bloods are half Human and half Vampire.
All Vampires can have kids but only Royal Vampires can have Half-Bloods and Hybrids. Crap. I forgot that I still haven’t told her that I’m a Vampire. A Royal Vampire. Oh well I have to break up with her seeing as I’m in an arranged marriage with Alassandra. So I guess it doesn’t matter.
“O-ok” she stuttered.
“Come on lets go to sleep. Then tomorrow we can eat all your favorites and I’ll tell you who I have to live with.” I told her. Hey. Just because we’re Vampires, doesn’t mean we don’t eat Human food.
“Ok.” she said sleepily. After she cries she gets sleepy. “Wait does Tarah know you have to live with someone else? Can I tell her? Do you have to break up with her? Can I do it for you? Please?” she fired questions at me and getting hyper. Apparently in the profile it says Alassandra acts hyper like her. Awesome. They will definitely get along. The best part about Aislinn and Alassandra getting along is that Aislinn doesn’t get along well with people outside the family. Not even my girlfriend, Tarah.
“No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.” I answered in the order that she asked them.
“Awesome. Now lets go to sleep.” she said getting sleepy again. Yeah. Her attitude and personality change. Constantly.
“Ok.” was all I said as I conjured up the tent and supplies. That was my power. I can conjure up anything and everything while Aislinn’s is being able to be super bitchy which doesn’t help most people.
“Night Aislinn.” I said sleepily while getting in my lime green sleeping bag.
“Night.” she replied while getting into her custom made sleeping bag that I made her. It was purple, black, and baby blue with splattered-on bright yellow and bright lime green.
“Hmm.” was all I said. She didn’t respond because when her head hit’s a pillow she is fast asleep. Even if she is crazy hyper. All I do is take a pillow and make it touch her head and she’s out like a light. I know because I did it to her. Its really useful when she is pissed off. The only bad thing about that is when she wakes up she hits me. Even if I’m still asleep. And when she hits, she hits hard.
“Hmm.” I repeated before falling into a dreamless sleep.
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