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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1703306
A short fantasy story/intro on an anti-hero, and a villain
His name was Nightmare, King of the Shadows. The horse he rode had the appearance of a phantom, and its armor was as dark as night. The sword he wielded was named Despair, and for a good reason. Each life it cut down caused its soul anguish, sending it to a realm it could never escape. His armor seemed to be formed and shaped by darkness itself, and he wore it as naturally as anyone would wear their own skin. The sky above him was forbiddingly dark, as the clouds ominously covered the sky, filling the air with an unspoken dread.

His home, the Forbidden wastelands, was a rocky terrain, littered with the bones of past victims who couldn't answer its harsh demands. It was surrounded by mountains, with a mist that covered its tips. To anyone else, this was a barren wasteland, with no hope of escape. For Nightmare, this was home. He was from a clan called the Shadow seekers, which hunted malicious spirits called the Fallen remnant. They were former angels which had instead taken the form of death with wings. They had arsenals of abilities ranging from mind control, to pyrokenesis.

There was one who stood apart from the rest. He was faster, stronger, and by far, the most deadly. He was known only as the Destroyer, and for a good reason. He was the embodiment of terror, the face of fear. His wings went from his shoulder blades, down to his feet. The hooded cloak he wore covered everything but his face which was pure bone; his eyes were hollow and empty. The sword he wielded had spikes coming out from its sides, and it was rumored that 1000 souls were cut down with a single slash. He was hated, yet revered.

The Destroyer sat on His throne, a chair which had spikes coming out of its sides. One of his minions knelt before him. “What news do you have to bring me?” He growled, his voice shaking the dark fortress they were in.

Urusu, the minion, trembled for fear of what he would to him. He heard the stories before. There was actually another minion who tried to challenge him by starting a rebellion. As an example, he was beheaded, and referenced only as a “foolish betrayer”. “Th-there’s this guy, who has this sword, D-despair,  it’s called.” He paused, before continuing. “The place he lives in is not worthy to dwell in-“

The Destroyer  pounded his fist on the throne, “Spit it out already, or so help me, you will share the “foolish betrayer’s” fate.” He hissed icily.

Urusu nodded, fearing his wrath, “A-as you wish. He is known only as Nightmare-“

The Destroyer smirked evilly, “Nightmare, huh? I like the sound of it already. Find out what you know about this “Nightmare” fellow.” He p picked up his sword, extending it out, just inches from Urusu’s neck. “So help me, if I find out anything other than what you tell me, you will be replaced. Now, get out.” He grumbled emotionlessly.

© Copyright 2010 grace washington (kiashi26 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1703306