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This is sex encounter of a guy with a school teacher which went wild n crazy
Deepak was a small town guy who studied in bigger cities. His lifestyle doesnt matche with the town and so were his habbits. He was 5"8 tall, fair. He has black hairs and he never combed them coz he liked living rough and tough. He had brown eyes which speaks a lot. He had innocent childish smile. He was not the chocolate boy but he was smart and cute. In short he was a perfect perverted cute gentleman.
After completing his college he joined his family business of readymade garments and school uniforms. His dad was a wholesale supplier of school uniforms. He used to supply unifroms directly to the school and sell it in the school. Since Deepak was new in the business and he loved travelling and meeting new people, his dad gave him the duty of selling unifroms in some schools. He was a very frank guy who doesnt hesitate with anyone. HIs dad got a big order of a newly opened school and Deepak was in charge of selling unifroms in that school. He started going in hat school for selling uniforms. School appointed a teacher for his help. Her name was Rani. Rani means Queen. She was a queen. She was gorgeous, beautifull, pretty and mind blowing sexy. She was around 5"4, She had long black hairs which comes upto her ass. Her hairs semms like black snakes. She had deep black eyes. She had a unique shine in her eyes. She can make anybody drunk with her eyes. It seems like she is carrying drugs in her eyes. She had a beautifull smile. When she smiles it seems like perls are shining in her mouth. She had beautifull red lips which resembles like rose petals with dew over them. She doesnt wear much make up. She had killing looks. She had a perfectly shaped figure. She was around 34-27-36. She had beautifuly shaped round ass. She was the perfect beauty queen. It seems like God has made her with some passion. She had a lovely sweet voice. She was just gorgeous. Her beauty cant be described in words.
Rani helped Deepak in selling unifroms. Deepak was very talktive and Rani was a good listener so they became friends easily, They used to talk a lot in free time. Deepak had a huge collection of jokes. He had songs for each and every situation. He sings good. He used to entertain her with his jokes and songs in free time. He was madly attracted towrds Rani. He thought he is in love with her but he knew in his heart that it was just his lust. From talks with Rani he came to know that she loves chocolates. So he used to bring choclotaes for her daily, They both liked each other's company. After a few days Deepak asked her no. and she gave him. So now they used to talk over the phone. Deepak was getting crazy for her. He wanted to hold her in his arms, he wanted to kiss her. he wanted to make love with her.
It was around 1 month that Deepak was selling uniforms in that school. He knew he has only 5 days left. He proposed Rani that day. After the school He stopped Rani and holded her hands. He sat on his knees. He saw in her eyes and he said " Rani i am not sleeping well from the last 1 month. I am not even eating well for the last month. I went to the doctor for the check up and he said i am fine. But i know i am not fine. Whenever i sit alone for even a second your pic come in front of my eyes. My friends says i am in love with some one. But i m not in love with someone. I am in love wid you. I love you and i really love u a lot. " Rani didnt said anything and she went from there. He thought he had made her angry.
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