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What I like about Movies.

        Angelina Jolie; I like to watch her in action and being sexy.
        I don't think she can do drama.
        Katharine Hepburn; sizzled in The African Queen and sparkled in
        Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.
        A favorite of mine.
        Movies with dialogue and social conscious are rare today.
        I like Rope; a Alfred Hitchcock film.
        It shows a subtle image of a gay couple committing a thrill killing.
        How many A list actors would risk their image playing that role?
        Rose Mary's Baby; demonic posession.
        You know your watching a good horror flick, when you believe it.
        SALT; Angelina Jolie running through the street bare foot.
        Oh, my God! I had the hottest dream about her running naked in
        a muddy coral. I had to hog tie her. Sew-ee!
        Inherit the Wind; Spencer Tracy is always cool.
        A good movie for creation debate.
        NINJA III THE DOMINATION; Lucinda Dickie is so sexy and fierce.
        I love the scene where she chokes a man between her thighs.
        This is a posession and Ninja knick butt flick.

        A good movie should entertain and have sexy women.
        A naked woman firing a gun is worth the price of admission.
        Agelina Jolie should do a remake of this. She'd make a perfect Marsian.
        Wilderness; staring Amanda Combs. Amanda plays a librarian in London,
        who changes into a wolf every full moon. She has a cute scotish accent and
        is nude through most of the flick. She runs naked through London!
        I'm picturing Angelina Jolie on a ferris wheel in a short pink skirt, licking
        a vanilla ice cream cone. I'm tying her laces.
        Carnival of Souls; spooky and sad. I kept hoping the heroin would get a life.
        I really identified with her.

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