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by R.E.D.
Rated: E · Poetry · Drama · #1703866
Poem about bottled up feelings.
You see,
There's a darkness in my heart.
A pain you could never see.
It was was so well hidden behind my smile.
I couldn't face my reality.

Now they all think I act so childish.
Like a fool and irresponsible.
But did you ever stop to think for a moment
That it could be irrepressible.

This feeling of happiness has cloaked my sense
Of warped thoughts.
A type of mask.
This helps to blind the gaping eyes which mark my
Every movement.
Dissimulate, perhaps.

What brought upon this disguise?
A repressed memory, I suppose.
But all in all.
What one should never do
Is reveal these twisted doors
That constrict these tormented walls.
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