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Grandma eavesdrops with comical consequences.

by Bikerider

Eavesdropping on the conversation, grandma listened to the naughty joke and tried not to laugh when she heard the punch line.  She held her breath, suppressing a laugh, and when her laughter erupted…so did her teeth.  In a gust of breath, her denture flew from her mouth in a perfect arc--right into the punch bowl.  As they tumbled through the air in seemingly slow motion, alternating white and pink, her gasp caught the attention of the well-dressed guests at the wedding reception.

All eyes watched as her dentures splashed into the pink liquid, and sank to the bottom. The splashing liquid spotted the white icing on the wedding cake, giving it the appearance of acne.  Sliced oranges and limes floated on the choppy surface, obscuring grandma’s view into the spiked, pink liquid.

Grandma caught grandpa’s attention with a shriek, and as he joined her at the table, together, they peered over the bowl’s lip into the pink concoction.  He watched as grandma took the ladle and began ‘dredging’ the depths of the bowl for her teeth.  The sound of her denture scraping against the bottom of the crystal bowl was worse than fingernails on a blackboard.  Everyone present tried to appear uninterested.  Someone asked the band to play a song to distract the guests from what was happening, and as they began to play, “The Fish Song” by the, “Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,” everyone began to laugh.

Grandpa took the ladle from grandma’s hand and placed it on the table, then he reached into the punch bowl up to his elbow.  Withdrawing his now pink tinted arm, he held grandma’s dripping denture.  As she fit her teeth back into place, grandpa took her hand and said, “Come on, Gladys, let’s dance.”  Grandpa loved to dance.

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