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by R.E.D.
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #1703995
This was about a boy I realized I had feels for, but it was too late.
A Boy fell in live one day.
He told the girl,
But she refused.
He persisted on,
But she'd always
Push away.
It's what she'd always like to do.

They became
Good friends,
Even though
He felt this way.
He'd take her places,
And buy her things,
But she still pushed away.

Roses, necklaces, and
Teddy bears too.
All the things he'd give her
With an, "I love you."
She'd take them,
And secretly hide them away.
Thinking that this boy
Would always feel this way.

I fell in love one day,
And I told the Boy.
He said,
"I love you too,
But you're too late.
You missed your chance."
I didn't know what to do.

"I don't want to
Hurt you.
I love you too
Much for that.
Try to accept it."
But how could I turn back?

It was hard to hate him,
Especially when we hugged.
I hated it so bad,
But I wanted it so much.
I tried to explain,
But he just pushed me away.
I'd give anything to be
With him now.
I've made a most terrible mistake.

Why couldn't I see it,
When he told me so long ago?
Why can't I turn back time?
Boy, why didn't I know?
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