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Rated: 13+ · Editorial · Fantasy · #1704077

                      Probabilism: A law that exist on arguement stands on probablity and does not bind the citizen.

          The origin of the New World Order was problematic. The population density could not be tolerated.
        Once again elected leaders met for a crisis ... No one could have expected the reappearence of an Emperor.
        Sissela Renan was a masterfull negotiator. She spoke with authority and compassion. "We must not allow
        our generation to die in its own waiste." she said. She called on all the nations of the Earth to unite in waiste
        management. A law was cast: all surplus population must be recycled. It was left to the countries to choose
        the method of this reorganization. Some people would die, others would be reeducated. In Sweden the process
        was more passive. Drug addicts and deralics were put to sleep and their ashes used to feed the gardens.
        In Greece, rioting civil servants were shot in the streets and scooped up by bulldozers. Macheti wheelding
        war lords in the Sudan were allowed to slaughter rival tribes. America would not paticipate. Instead,
        Home Land Denfence deported large numbers of illegal immigrants to certain death. New tax laws allowed
        the IRS to imprison impoverished citizens, where they would be sterilized. Despite these drastic measures
        there was no insurection. The people had no guidance accept from goverment controled media. They were
        numbed by threats of war and terrorism.
            Sissela pondered the world she had nurtured. What would come from this thinned race?
        She looked at her daughter Tyo. How blue her eyes were. Her people had integrated into these sapiens
        over ten thousand years ago. Now, they looked human. .. Once they were Gods and Angels.
        Those days were returning. She was an Emperor. How much like a God?
        "Mother?" Tyo looked up at the tears running down her mother's face. Sissela smiled back:
        "God will protect us."

        Per omnia saecula saeculorum+
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