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by Jae
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Rain is similar as human tears some people think crying is a sign of weakness.
We are afraid to cry, afraid to show our tears to others.

For when everything in our lives come crashing down,

we are shaking with fear, insecurity and tears come crashing down.

Merciless memories troubling us, they who don't wish to forgive us,

even if we fall onto our knees and beg for forgiveness.

Before we know it, tears turn into the rain the skies cry,

our pain, humanity's cry for help and resolution has shook the skies itself.

Endless chasing after the past we feared to face,

endlessly asking for our parents' understanding,

for our parents' forgiveness, yet they turn away from us with disgusted faces.

There is no one to forgive, for we done something unforgivable in their eyes perhaps.

They say scars can be healed with time, but we think time is only a concealer for scars.

Boundless tears as we remember what we've done,

the mistakes we made in life.

Wishing there was a way to go through life without making a single mistake.

If there is someone who is perfect out there,

we would like to meet them and ask, how they did it.

As we stand here in the open plain,

under these gray raining skies.

Listening to the sound the rain makes when it hits the ground,

each raindrop feels like a tiny knife piercing down on us.

The rains smell, the rain's unforgiving pouring onto our cold bodies,

we wish standing here, could wash away all our sins and mistakes,

allowing us to be reborn anew when the rain lifts.

Yet, that isn't possible, when the rain seizes,

we just realize the rain weighed down on us by tensfold.

The skies cry with us as tears and rain mix into one.

All is crashing down upon our shoulder,

we just want a fresh start, we would give anything to begin from the very beginning.

Rain is mericless just like life,

it hurts so much to know there is not a single person who would forgive us.

Holding out our hands to the rain, it hands lightly on our palms,

each raindrop tells a story of its own.

Each tear we fall tells a story of our regret, our guilt, our shame,

can anyone come and seize the tears, seize the rain?

We long for the day, when the rain ends, our tears ends,

gray clouds part, fog lifted and a new beginning arrives.

Forgiveness is not an illusion, it can be reality.

Will there really be such a day?

When tears and rains will stop falling from our eyes and the skies,

If that day comes, its the day where all the heavy feelings and burdens are lifted.

Each of us are as light as feather floating aimlessly, endlessly through calm skies.

Let us wait for the day,

where we are washed of our scars, our burdens, our bad memories,

our regret and guilt, we will see a clear sky.

Perhaps such a day will never come until we leave this world.

But, it doesn't hurt to pray and wish right?

Tears never stop falling, rain will never stop falling...

let us just sit back and wait....no matter how long it takes.

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