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This is a story about my trip to Coastguard Beach.
I looked around, and could see for miles out into the ocean, and along the beautiful Coastguard Beach, Cape Cod. Far out here was another shore, and a rocky jetty with a lighthouse on it. The waves of high tide were crashing against the beach, making a loud and pleasant sound. I walked along the sandy shore with my Dad, weaving through the crowds, of thousands of people, and hundreds of dogs, until we made it out of the crowds. We walked on for what seemed to be a mile, and we picked up pretty rocks, and my Dad pocketed them to bring home. Eventually we reached a marsh that smelled strongly of salt, and we waded in, walking along the soft feeling, muddy soil, until the water deepened, and I went swimming, while my Dad talking to an old man who was fishing. I stayed there swimming for a long time, before I eventually trekked back to my brother, Mom, and Nanny, and I built a huge sandcastle, then tore it down. After that Dad, my brother, and I dove into the Atlantic Ocean, and Dad taught us to body surf. We swam out a long way and while playing in the water we saw half a dozen seals swimming about farther out, and we all stood, perfectly still, watching them until they went away. Finally we walked back to where my Nanny and Mom were, packed up, and left. I was very tired, but I was still sad to be at the end of one of the best days of my life.
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