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by Jaiam
Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #1704588
Entry for a contest with a prompt of "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!"

O, the faith of our brethren in
Those days that have past.
True to GOD, whatever the cost.
Not tyrant’s fire, nor villain’s act,
Could tempt the faithful to abandon the path.

Sisters and brothers in numbers uncounted
Endured tribulations spoken now of as legend.
No horror to them proved ever enough
To turn away from the faith they loved.

To many these days, trials
Are too much to bear.
So they question and doubt and
Seek hope elsewhere.

Saying “no point in having such tiresome faith,
When we’ve learned so much
With these modern ways."
Then they outwardly mock and try turning away.

Yet, where there is life, hope still remains.
Better late than never - in recovering faith.
GOD forgives all who seek HIM sincerely,
And loves most the prodigal who long for forgiving.

The faith of our brethren was once good enough.
Can we deny with our words what they loved so much?
When in each human heart burns a deep need to seek
The GOD of our fathers that we all know - we need!

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